Louis Calder Center History and Mission


Male student at microscope - LGThe 113 acre property was previously the estate of Louis Calder, chairman of the Perkins-Goodwin Paper Company. The Louis Calder Foundation generously donated the property to Fordham University in 1967, which formally established the field station as the "Louis Calder Center."

During 1992–1993, Calder Hall was renovated and modernized with additional funds from the Louis Calder Foundation. It serves as a focal point for visitors, conferences and day-to-day activities of the research station.


The mission of the LCC is to:

  • Support scientific and interdisciplinary research in ecology, evolution, and conservation.  
  • Provide opportunities to study the connections between human actions and the changing landscape in laboratories integrated within a field environment.
  • Provide hands-on education for students of diverse backgrounds and academic levels.  
  • Enable our researchers to engage the broader community in scientific understanding of the environment.