Past CSUR-REU Research at the Calder Center


Undergraduates of CSUR at Calder Center
  • Rachelle CariƱo Saint Francis College: The efficacy of catnip oil as a botanic tick repellent (Advisor: Dr. Tom Daniels, Dr. Rich Falco)
  • Madeliene Chura Temple University: Mosquito diversity in tree holes in southern New York State (Advisor: Dr. Tom Daniels, Dr. Rich Falco)
  • Arianna M. Collins Temple University: Characterizing floral traits and pollinator preference in a Penstemon digitalis population (Advisor: Dr. Steve Franks)
  • Ariana Dionisio Western Washington University: Testing the light:nutrient hypothesis in stream periphyton: Do canopy cover and nutrient availability alter C:N:P? (Advisor: Dr. John Wehr)
  • Elizabeth Eisenhardt Fordham University: Reevaluating the taxonomic validity of two Eastern Chipmunk subspecies (Tamias striatus fisheri and Tamias striatus lysteri) (Advisor: Dr. Evon Hekkala)
  • Giselle Herrera Florida State University: Molecular ecology of coyotes in the New York metropolitan area (Advisor: Dr. Jason Munshi-South)
  • Emily Pinckney Humboldt State University: Increased salinity and nutrient effects on phytoplankton in a suburban lake (Advisor: Dr. John Wehr, Steve Dilonardo)
  • Jenniffer Riley Winston-Salem State University: Can you hear me now? Using ultrasonic vocalizations to explore the natural history of New York City bats (Advisor: Dr. Alan Clark)
  • Jack Turner Fordham University: The effects of extreme precipitation on soil biogeochemistry in the riparian zone of low order watersheds (Advisor: Dr. Jim Lewis)
  • Anthony Zhao University of Maryland College Park: Species diversity and community structure of carrion beetles along an urban-to-rural gradient in the New York City metropolitan area (Advisor: Dr. Jason Munshi-South)


  • Patrick Alford Fordham University: Cryptic sucker species of the Northeast (Advisor: Dr. Evon Hekkala)
  • Alyssa Ammazzalorso Fordham University: To beat or not to beat a tick (Advisor: Dr. Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis)
  • Colette Berg Fordham University: Baseline field work and Rosedale outreach (Advisors: Dr. Steve Franks, Dr. Jenn Weber)
  • Megan Bishop Humboldt State University: Variation in flower types in Clasping Venus Looking Glass (Triodanis perfoliata) (Advisors: Dr. Steve Franks, Dr. Jenn Weber)
  • Jodie Crose Oklahoma State University: Pollen limitation in Prenstemon digitalis (Advisors: Dr. Steve Franks, Dr. Jenn Weber)
  • Nadeen Matari Fordham University: Adaptive and innate immunogenic variation in an endangerd species, the Black Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysopygus) (Advisors: Dr. James Lewis, Dr. Beatriz Perez-Sweeney)


CSUR 2013 Group Photo
  • Rachel Betts Centre College: The effect of relocation on movement patterns and home range of Eastern Box Turtles (Advisors: Dr. Alan Clark, Dr. Michael Rubbo)
  • Patricia Bohls Hiram College: Genetic testing of the taxonomic validity of two subspecies of the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) (Advisor: Dr. Evon Hekkala)
  • Sabrina Ferrara Stonehill College: Project Mosquito Runway: Which ovitrap design will win? (Advisors: Dr. Tom Daniels, Dr. Richard Falco)
  • Erica Gaeta Humboldt State University: Filling in the gaps: plant establishment after Hurricane Sandy in an urban old-growth forest Advisor: Dr. Jim Lewis)
  • Kevin Lee Vassar College: Variations in flower sex: pollen limitation and reproductive ecology of Penstemon digitalis (Advisor: Steve Franks)
  • Evan Miller Moorhouse College: Ecological factors influencing nesting and hybridization among sympatric sunfish species in an isolated lake (Advisor: Dr. Evon Hekkala)
  • Victoria Monreal Western Washington University: Invasive leaf litter effects on mosquito abundance and oviposition (Advisor: Dr. Michael Rubbo)
  • Diana Morales CUNY Lehman College: A Tale of Two Lakes: The effect of macrophytes on algal blooms in Calder Lake vs. North Lake (Advisors: Dr. John Wehr, Steve DiLonardo)
  • Leslie Ota Fordham University: Avian perception: Mist-net visibility in a flight tunnel (Advisor: Dr. Alan Clark)
  • Kimberly Proenca Juniata College: Understanding freshwater brown algae using molecular and culture based methods (Advisors: Dr. John Wehr, Dr. Ken Karol)


CSUR 2012 Group Photo
  • Kyle Clonan Fordham University: The role of dormancy and germination cues in the adaptation of Brassica rapa to a novel environment (Advisors: Dr. Steve Franks)
  • Megan Henriquez Fordham University: The effects of relocation on the home ranges of Box Turtles (Advisors: Dr. Alan Clark, Dr. Michael Rubbo)
  • Brandon Klein Fordham University: Feeding kinematics of darter fishes (Percidae): Effect of the premaxillary frenum (Advisor: Dr. Rose Carlson)
  • Michelle Mathios Fordham University: Bats in the Bronx: Using acoustic data to identify bat species (Advisor: Dr. Alan Clark)
  • Jenna Petronglo Fordham University: And then there were none: Where are all the ticks this year? (Advisors: Dr. Thomas Daniels, Dr. Richard Falco)


Group Picture of CSUR 2011
  • Dede Ainbinder Amherst College: Feeding ecology of darter fishes: jaw morphology and kinematics (Advisor: Dr. Rose Carlson)
  • Alyssa Beasley College of New Rochelle: The future of the forest: vegetation change over time and invasive plant species in an urban old-growth forest (Advisors: Dr. Jim Lewis, Jessica Arcate)
  • Tyler Bleeker Calvin College: Selection and adaptation on Brassica rapa in a novel environment (Advisor Dr. Steve Franks)
  • Rachael Coffey Fordham University: Ecological and genetic characterization of sunfish nesting at Calder Lake (Advisors: Dr. Evon Hekkala, Dr. Rose Carlson)
  • Franklin Elvington Fort Valley State University: Spatial variation and sample effort for Ixodes scapularis nymphs (Advisors: Dr. Thomas Daniels, Dr. Richard Falco)
  • Jessica Kottwitz College of New Rochelle: Oviposition preferences of Ochlerotatus japonicus: container size, infusion type and tree holes (Advisors: Dr. Thomas Daniels, Dr. Richard Falco)
  • Shampa Panda University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Nutrient dynamics and primary productivity in a biomanipulated eutrophic lake (Advisors: Dr. John Wehr, Steven Dilonardo)
  • Sara Reda Fordham University: Assessing Caribbean flamingo habitat use and food availability (Advisors: Dr. Nancy Clum, Dr. Alan Clark, Dr. John Wehr)
  • Rolando Rojas CUNY John Jay: Is biodiversity affected by forest fragmentation? A novel approach (Advisors: Dr. Amy Litt, Dr. Jim Lewis)
  • Jesse Spitzer SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry: Can variations in leaf-litter inputs induce bottome-up effects in vernal pool food webs? (Advisors: Dr. Mike Rubbo, Dr. John Wehr)
  • Julie Weicheld Millersville University: Habitat preferences of Ixodes scapularis nymphs: edge vs. woodland (Advisors: Dr. Thomas Daniels, Dr. Richard Falco)