Vertebrates at the Calder Center

Because of the diversity of habitats present, a large number of vertebrate species are found at the Calder Center. This list contains 5 species of fishes, 17 amphibians, 11 reptiles, 156 birds, and 36 mammals.

This checklist was complied by Robert C. Dowler, Gertrude R. Battaly, Robert Schmidt, George Dale, Thomas Daniels, James Velozzi, J. Alan Clark and John Wehr. We welcome information on species not yet listed.

Further information about species occurrence is available in the print version of this checklist. Calder Center Vertebrate List

Common Name - Scientific Name


Calder Fish


Calder Amphibians


Calder Reptiles


Calder Mammals


Calder Birds 1


Calder Birds 2


Calder Birds 3