Staff and Student Directory at the Calder Center

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Graduate Students

  • Elle Barnes (BA, New York University) - MS Candidate (Dr. Lewis); The microbiome of salamanders and chytrid fungus as a model, how species affect one another in ecological communities
  • Chelsea Butcher (MS, Central Michigan University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Lewis); Pollen dispersal in urban habitats, at both roof and ground-level
  • Elizabeth Carlen (MS, San Francisco State University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); Landscape genetics of urban animals, how organisms adapt to urban environments
  • Matthew Combs (BA, Hamilton College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); Consequences of modern human society on evolutionary and ecological systems, specifically Norway brown rats
  • Nicole Fusco (MA, CUNY Hunter College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); How genomic structure Northern two-lined salamanders (Eurycea bislineata)  populations differ among watersheds
  • Stephen Gottschalk (MS, Fordham University) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Wehr); Biogeography and evolution of the green algal family Characeae throughout the eastern United States
  • Carol Henger (MS, CUNY Graduate Center) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Munshi-South); Landscape modeling of coyotes in New York City to predict movement patterns and barriers to gene flow
  • Marly Katz (BS, Marist College) - PhD Candidate (Drs. Daniels, Falco)
  • Michael Kausch (MS, CUNY Queens College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Wehr); Relationship between groundwater connectivity and freshwater algal biodiversity
  • Acer Vanwallendael (BS, Juniata College) - PhD Candidate (Dr. Franks); Ecology and evolution of invasive Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica)

Undergraduate Students

  • Anna Hudson - Epidermal fatty acid composition in different bat species and their effects on the growth of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the fungus responsible for White Nose Syndrome (Dr. Frank)
  • Olivia Micci-Smith - Animal behavior and evolution on the urban to rural gradient (Dr. Munshi-South)

High School Students

  • John Geier (Pleasantville High School) - The effect of different metals on invasive plants (Dr. Lewis).
  • Ben Radhuber (Ossining High School) - The effect of nutrient availability and elevated CO2 on the yield and nutritional composition of the tomato fruit (Dr. Lewis)