Campus Recycling

In 2015, over 208,000 lbs. of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal was recycled and diverted from the University’s waste stream.

What We Recycle

  • Paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastics, glass

  • Toner cartridges at the print shop and for individual users; printers provided by cartridge manufactures' envelope such as HP

  • Construction debris and materials (as part of LEED projects)

  • Used furniture through local charities

Over 90,000 lbs. of construction related debris collected from the renovation of Hughes Hall was recycled in 2012.

Fordham's Uniform Recycling Program for Buildings

  • Ensures compliance with all local recycling regulations

  • Maximizes diversion of recyclable materials

  • Reduces service needs from the haulers and reduces cost

  • Presents a positive image and contributes to an enhanced overall aesthetic for the campus

Components of the Revamped Recycling Programs Include

  • More and revised placement of recycling bins throughout all campus buildings, both residential and academic

  • More effective stickers to maximize diversion

  • Revised posters include more paper recycling capabilities, reducing trash volumes

  • Instructional recycling announcements and signs help educate students, faculty and staff about the guidelines while increases program visibility

  • Ongoing educational efforts involving students, faculty and staff

  • Fluorescent bulbs