Manuscript and Book Publication Award

2023-2024 MBPA Application

The  Manuscript and Book Publication Award (MBPA) is designed to assist tenured and tenure-track faculty in publishing books and manuscripts. Applications for the MBPA will only be accepted after the completed manuscript has successfully completed the peer review process and has been formally accepted by a publisher. Funding preference will be given to publications submitted to university press publishers.

The MBPA funds may be used for the author’s mandatory contribution to the cost of book and manuscript publication, such as publication subsidies, professional indexing, editorial work, digital or interactive content, image and map reproduction, color plates and photos, permissions and cover art.

All tenure and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply for a MBPA of up to $2,000 to assist them with fees associated with the preparation of scholarly manuscripts or creative artwork for publication. The level of overall funding will be dependent on the University's financial situation. 

The application must include the following:

  1. Description of the project
  2. A brief justification for the expenditure
  3. A copy of peer reviewers’ comments or approval letter from editor
  4. A book contract provided by the publisher, if applicable
  5. An invoice of publication costs from the publisher

Applications may be submitted at any time by completing the MBPA Application.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for applications to be processed. Each faculty cannot apply for the MBPA more than once during the same academic year. Additionally, the MBPA will not be granted more than once for the same project. Awarded funds must be used during the same academic year. In the event the publication amount exceeds $2000, departmental FREP can also be requested for publication expenses for the portion not covered by the MBPA request. In coordination with the Office of Research, FAS will offset the cost of the program to permit a second round of submissions in the 2024 spring term to all eligible applicants. Please note, all applications will be reviewed until the budget is expended.

We encourage all award recipients to add their research publications to the Digital Commons repository. Award recipients should post relevant research products to the Digital Commons repository at to the extent allowed by copyright. Publications supported by the MBPA should be made available to the Fordham University community.