Research Computing Cluster (RCC)

The Office of Research and Research Computing Cluster (RCC) are pleased to announce a new program of support for the Pilot Cloud Based Research Computing Projects (PCBRCP) to be run, by faculty and for faculty, over the upcoming summer of 2017.

The goals of the PCBRCP are to:

  1. provide hands-on cloud‑based computational resources directly to faculty;
  2. offer support in managing these resources through the Research Computing Cluster (RCC); and,
  3. use project outcomes and feedback to design simple and effective means of connecting faculty with large scale computing resources in the future.

Further details about all aspects of the PCBRCP program, a full program timeline and a short application form are provided on this PCBRCP Proposal Page.

We encourage all faculty who have research projects that they think might benefit from such support to provide us with a description, however preliminary, of your project. Once your preliminary proposal is in, program administrator will contact you to review your project, determine whether it fits the PCBRCP program and assist you in refining your proposal as needed.

The deadline for submission of preliminary proposals for vetting is April 25, 2017 and the deadline for submission of revised proposals is May 2, 2017. PCBRCP awards will be announced on May 9, 2017.