FCLC Honors Program Life Beyond the Classroom

Fordham Lincoln Center Honors is Freedom to Explore NYC

Students Crossing Street at Grand Central

Class trips, dinners, and outings are great, but perhaps even better is the honors museum pass that gets you into the best NYC museums (as well as museums around the country) for free!

As an honors student, your intellectual, moral, and creative development will not be confined to the classroom, library, and lab. The city is your campus. In the world capital of commerce and culture, you will explore and wrestle with the great questions of life with an immediacy that is unrivaled. You will take advantage of unique opportunities for research and discovery, engaging creatively in the life of the city. A recent honors class, for example, did more than visit lower Manhattan. With guidance from their professor, Roger Panetta, PhD, students in the Trends in New York City class completed a semester-long research project on the South Street Seaport. They produced a fully interactive website that covers the port’s nearly 400-year history.

“Coming to New York was one of the greatest decisions of my life so far. I was scared, as I think many people are when they leave home for a faraway place, but I know without a doubt that I am where I should be. Going to school in New York City is exactly as amazing and exciting as it sounds. It is almost overwhelming, all of the wonderful things we have access to here. Honestly, I spent my first semester pinching myself. Our science courses are complemented by weekend trips to the Natural History Museum, our art courses by trips to famous galleries, and the same can be said for virtually every course you take at Fordham College at Lincoln Center. New York City really is our campus, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found a home here among such wonderful students and faculty.” Margaret Fisher '17