Stone Hocker '20

Stone Hocker

Major: International Political Economy
Bio: Stone Hocker grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He moved to New York to study international political economy and has developed a deep love for cities. His research is a study of the hometown he loves and his professional work involves helping cities around the world make a name for themselves.

Title of Research: Competitive Growth: How Indianapolis is Facing the Global Urban Hierarchy of Cities
Mentor: Professor Christopher Rhomberg
Abstract: As globalization widens the accessibility to ever more cities, the competition among them for talent, investment, and knowledge-based economic resources begins to resemble a marketplace. The relative success within this marketplace is referred to as the global urban hierarchy of cities. Indianapolis is an example of a mid-sized city economy in the Midwest United States suffering from a weak city brand and poor hierarchy placement relative to size. This paper seeks to provide a case study documenting the strategy that the city of Indianapolis pursued in order to compete with its neighbors and position itself higher with the global urban hierarchy of cities. In doing so, this paper intends to provide insight into mid-placed cities’ decision-making frameworks in the coming years, given the distinctly commercial features of inter-city dynamics, where cities invest in growth not in isolation but to the distinct detriment of those seen as competitors.