Sarah Grace Houston '19

Sarah Grace Houston

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics plus Dance
Bio: Sarah Grace Houston is a dancer with the Fordham/Ailey BFA program and a Comp Sci/Math Major. She comes from Dallas, Texas where she teachers dance classes, occasionally tutors in math, and firmly believes in mixing fields of study and not fitting into any one particular box. She currently works as a digital forensics analyst and hopes to be in the Paul Taylor Dance Company (or a choreographer for Broadway).

Title of Research: Unconventional Way
Partners: Various members of the Ailey/Fordham BFA in Dance program
Mentor: Melanie Person
Abstract: Broadway is changing. The modern-day ensemble member is a mid-20’s triple threat. Choreography is turning away from the classic razzle-dazzle and turning towards more unconventional and fresher styles for their shows. Case in point: contemporary modern dance/Gaga fusion seen in the latest revival of West Side Story. “Unconventional Way” is my exploration into looking at classic Broadway songs in a new way. How do the gestures strike the balance between human, dancer, and pantomime? How do you accentuate classic music to classic Broadway choreography in a way that has not been seen before? How do you go drastically against the feelings unleashed by showtunes yet still having that particular music choice make sense with the dance? These were my main thinking points when going about this project, and the answers were found through collaboration with my dancers and a lot of researching Bob Fosse.