Surya Marjit '22

Surya Marjit

Major: Natural Science
Bio: I grew up in Manhattan and came to Fordham to pursue a major in Natural Science. I intend to go to Medical School after graduating and to become a physician.

Title of Research: Understanding the Impact Ionic Liquids Have on Zebrafish Survival and Behavior
Dr. Alma Rodenas-Ruano
Abstract: Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on Earth. It can be processed into materials that are bio friendly alternatives to non-degradable materials such as plastic, films etc. However, this requires the breaking down of cellulose’s rigid structure. Few solvents are capable of dissolving this polysaccharide without causing harm to the environment. Ionic liquids are non-volatile organic salts that can achieve this readily. While some chemists regard ionic liquids as an eco-friendly alternative, this claim is still unclear, particularly in regard to their impact on water ecosystems. The goal of Dr. Thomas’ lab is to process cellulose using ionic liquids that introduce the least toxicity to aquatic environments. The aim of this study in Dr. Rodenas’ lab is to test candidate ionic liquids in sublethal concentrations, likely similar to those released in water sources, and determine their impact on the behavior and/or neuronal function of young zebrafish. We were able to establish the concentration range at which one of the ILs was lethal.