Degree Works Tutorial

Your Online Degree Audit

Degree Works is a powerful online degree audit tool available to FCRH students. At the most basic level, it serves as an electronic "checklist" of graduation, Core, and major/minor requirements. It also enables you to project your academic and degree progress based on self-entered predicted courses and grades.

This tutorial illustrates how this resource answers several key student questions.

To access Degree Works, go to your Student tab on My.Fordham. Select "Login to Degree Works" within the "Degree Works (Students)" box, located in the middle column of the page.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information in your degree audit, contact your Class Dean, Core Advisor, or major/program advisor.

There are several detailed video tutorials on our website illustrating the steps outlined in this section.

Note: Degree Works is not an official student record.

  • Degree Works is one simple way to determine how many earned academic credits you have accumulated. This number is an important one, as it determines when you will register for classes each semester (beginning second semester freshman year).

    On your main Degree Works screen, look on the left side under "Student View." Earned credits will appear under "Degree." If you believe there should be AP/IB/transfer transfer credits reflected in that number that are not, contact your Class Dean or Core/ major advisor.

    There is also a detailed video tutorial illustrating these steps.

  • Degree Works allows you to view a broad snapshot of your progress in meeting FCRH's degree requirements (major completion, credit and course completion, Core Curriculum completion, and GPA).

    On your Degree Works homepage, look for "Degree in Bachelor of Arts [/Science]- FC," which is right under the "Student View" box. Empty boxes outlined in red indicate that you have not yet attained this requirement, and that upon completion of your current courses, the relevant requirement will not be attained (except for GPA requirement).

    There is also a detailed video tutorial illustrating these steps.

  • One of the most valuable features of Degree Works is its ability to show your progress in the FCRH Core Curriculum in specific and precise detail.

    Core requirements that have a green check mark next to them have been completed by Fordham classes, transfer courses, or by means of a Dean's override or waiver. Requirements with a "~" (tilde) symbol next to them indicate that you are currently registered for a course or courses that, one successfully completed, will fulfill the requirement in question. Finally, requirements with an empty box outlined in red have not yet been fulfilled, and will not be fulfilled upon completion of any course for which you are presently registered.

  • From your Degree Works homepage, select "What If" from the left-side pane. Select the correct degree for the major you are considering (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science). Then, select the major and/or minor(s) you are considering. Finally, click "Process What If" button.

    Once you scroll down further on the screen that appears after you process the What If, Degree Works will display the courses and requirements you would need to complete if you declared a major or minor in the subject you selected.

    There is also a detailed video tutorial illustrating these steps.

  • From your Degree Works homepage, select "Look Ahead" from the left-side pane. Enter the course subject codes and numbers of the courses you are thinking of taking in the future (next semester, or over multiple semesters). Make sure you click "Add Course" after entering each course's information.

    Then, click "Process New." Degree Works will then display your Core and declared major requirement checklists with the future proposed courses indicated by a "PLAN" on the right side of the page where the relevant requirement appears.

    There is also a detailed video tutorial illustrating these steps.

  • Degree Works allows you to project your future GPA, based on values you select for your in-progress courses. From your Degree Works homepage, select "GPA Calc," which is next to "Worksheets," directly below your Fordham ID number and name. Then, click "Term Calculator."

    For each in progress course listed on the following page, enter your projected grade. Then, click "Calculate." Degree Works will display the GPA you will have if you earn the grades you selected.

    There is also a detailed video tutorial illustrating these steps.