Advanced Certificate in Accounting Technology Analytics

One of the most significant changes in the global business environment is the ever-increasing availability of Big Data. Data analytics is changing the role of the accounting professionals in business decision-making. Students must adapt to the changing business environment to ensure future success as professional accountants, internal auditors, internal management accountants, non-financial/sustainability accounting professionals and technology leaders. The Advanced Certificate in Accounting Technology Analytics focuses on developing students’ analytical skills and capabilities, including the ability to identify the right questions in the relevant context, apply the ETL process to the relevant data, employ appropriate data analytics tools and techniques, and interpret and communicate findings to stakeholders.   

Completion of the Advanced Certificate program requires 15 credits. These are comprised of four required 3-credit courses plus a 3-credit elective. Any course that overlaps toward MS program requirements may also be applied to the MS program, contingent on the student’s appropriate admission and enrollment to that program.

The courses below may also be taken as a track for students in the MS in Professional Accounting program. If taken as a track, graduates of the MS in Professional Accounting that hold an F1-visa will become eligible for a STEM-OPT extension.