Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics for Managers

Executive Education Open Enrollment

Business Analytics (BA) is the application of quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to data to gain insight and make informed decisions. The growing importance of business analytics in business organizations is creating a demand for businesspeople who are trained in the technologies and methodologies of business analytics. 

The Gabelli School of Business’s Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics for Managers is specifically for people looking to delve into the business analytics arena, preparing them for exciting and lucrative career opportunities by enhancing their capabilities for data- and model-driven decision making. An advanced certificate takes advantage of the limited time students have by acutely focusing on specific areas of business analytics according to an individual’s and an organization’s immediate needs.

This 15-credit certificate will set students up with the credits they need to transfer to a possible future MS in Business Analytics or to pursue their careers with acutely focused skills.  The program integrates the fields of analytics techniques, data management, information technology, modeling, and statistical analysis through core classes and electives to train students to become effective analysts and informed users of business data.  The program enables students to develop quantitative and qualitative skills required in data-driven industries such as banking, consumer products, energy, government, health care, insurance, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. This program is now available in-person and distance learning formats.

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