Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity for Managers

Cybersecurity is in high demand as cybercrimes become more rampant and widespread. There is a demand for business leaders to understand how to detect, prevent and recover from cyberattacks.

This part-time certificate program prepares students for exciting and lucrative career opportunities in cybersecurity by developing their knowledge and skills for developing, deploying, and managing security in organizations. The curriculum consists of 5 courses spanning two to three semesters resulting in a 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity for Managers. Students can use the 15 credits towards a Master of Science in Information Technology program offered in the Information, Technology & Operations area at the Gabelli School of Business.

The Advanced Certificate in Cybersecurity for Managers integrates the fields of information technology with other business and technology areas. The program aims to provide an introductory understanding of security principles, as well as the applied methods used to solve security problems and address relevant challenges and issues. It is designed to help students work at a professional level in cybersecurity. The certificate is now also offered in a distance learning format for greater flexibility.

Courses and Requirements Faculty