Master’s in Management (M.S.)

MS in Management

In a global business and work environment that is advancing at an unprecedented pace, those who will drive the organizational change to balance productivity with employee wellbeing, must acquire the fundamental management skills combined with the deep understanding of social innovation; humanistic leadership; social responsibility; and diversity, equity and inclusion that are needed to succeed.

The 30-credit Master’s in Management is a business management degree that provides students with the leadership and management tools to effectively lead people and organizations in new and innovative ways. The program focuses on the management skills for successful management careers across the spectrum of industries—from accounting to marketing, finance to business operations, and beyond.

It also explores and supports the integral role of sustainable and regenerative business practices across traditional and emerging fields.

New Curriculum

In Fall 2023, we will launch revised curriculum for students entering the M.S. in Management, which will offer greater flexibility, giving them an opportunity to acquire knowledge related to emerging trends—sustainable business practices, social consciousness, humanistic leadership, among others—and increasing their value in the marketplace by building in-demand skills.

Required core courses: Being a Discerning Leader, Leading Innovation for a Global World and Leading People and Organizations

Flexible core courses include: Financial Fundamentals, Marketing in the Digital Age, Purpose-Driven Marketing, Modern Operations and Supply Chain Management, Managerial Statistics, Business Strategy for the Modern World, Accounting & CSR Reporting Principles, Sustainable Business Masterclass, and Applied Sustainability and Innovation

Elective courses: Allow students to concentrate in areas across Gabelli School of Business disciplines. 

Who should apply to the M.S. in Management?

  • Recent college graduates in the liberal arts, sciences or engineering for whom business knowledge can provide a bridge to corporate, government or nonprofit careers
  • Early-career professionals whose work and future leadership potential would benefit from a holistic view of business organizations and their role in serving employees, customers and society at large
  • Individuals who are interested in developing, adopting and refining responsible business practices
  • Individuals who are motivated by social innovation: the process of developing products and services that generate profit and social benefit—especially for the underserved.

The Gabelli School M.S. in Management Advantage

Preparing Future Ready Leaders and Managers Through Social Innovation
What truly distinguishes the Gabelli School of Business M.S. in Management is its focus on social innovation, which provides the impetus for the design and implementation of new solutions and serves as the catalyst for organizational change that ultimately improves the wellbeing of individuals across the enterprise.

The Gabelli School is one of 37 universities worldwide chosen as a UN Global Compact Champion for the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) based on ethics and social values. Fordham University is one of 41 universities designated as a “Changemaker Campus” by AshokaU, an organization that sets the global standard for social innovation education. 

Unsurpassed Networking & Internships
Studying in the heart of NYC, the business capital of the world, affords you access to industry connections, networking opportunities, and internships and professional opportunities after completion of the program, which often result in permanent employment.

A Commitment to Responsible Business Leadership
All students pursuing a graduate degree at the Gabelli School of Business are required to enroll
in the Responsible Business Leadership Certification program, which prepares you to be an effective leader by helping you to identify your leadership style and strengths, develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and build personal and professional connections.