International Business Bridge

International Business Bridge

Does your application package need a boost before you apply to a U.S. business school?

The International Business Bridge (IBB) program at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business gives international students a pathway to boost towards graduate-level U.S. business degree programs. For most participants, the IBB program takes place over the course of one year, with two semesters and 30 credits of courses. Students take a mixed program of English language courses and immersive language business courses to prepare them for a fast-paced graduate business degree.

In just two semesters, the Fordham IBB will help:

  • Greatly improve your English skills
  • Build a solid foundation in business theory and practice
  • Prepare you for graduate-level business coursework
  • Introduce you to an amazing network of students from around the world

Participants in the IBB program should work with a member of the Gabelli Graduate Admissions team to discuss their candidacy for a specialized master's program. If you were held back by your test scores or need more preparation before graduate school, the International Business Bridge program will help you achieve the goal of pursuing graduate studies.