Gabelli Advance

Your professional success hinges on your leadership skills—your ability to communicate effectively with others and effectively influence a diverse range of stakeholders on multiple levels to achieve goals.

As an overlay to your coursework, Gabelli Advance is designed to enhance your leadership skills through advanced learning programs, workshops, assessments, coaching, and more.

Available programs include:

Leadership Style Assessment (DISC)

Identify your unique leadership style to give yourself a competitive edge. Learn how to communicate with and influence a wide range of stakeholders. Discover how your leadership strengths can help you overcome your limitations. Take the DISC test and participate in the leadership assessment workshop to identify your unique leadership style to:

  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Learn how to communicate with and influence a wide range of stakeholders
  • Discover how your leadership strengths can help you overcome your limitations

Group Workshops

Workshops are held once a month to develop and fine-tune a specific skill-set that goes above and beyond typical course material, enabling you to apply practical, career-oriented tactics immediately at your workplace and beyond. Prior workshop topics include Developing a clear career vision, Effective communication for career success, Conflict resolution, Creating your personal brand in the marketplace, Creating an effective résumé and LinkedIn profile, Effective networking in today's global economy, Developing resilience to achieve your personal goals.

Individual Executive Coaching Sessions

Executive coaching is the development of an organizational leader through a relationship between you and an executive coach. Coaching sessions are individualized, one-on-one sessions that focus on developing your specific, personalized career vision, goals, and desires.

Coaching uses a process of dialogue and questioning to build your level of awareness and responsibility. This working relationship will provide you with purpose, structure, and feedback. Common themes in executive coaching are developing key executive and managerial skills, enhancing team building, leadership qualities, identifying and optimizing the use of key strengths, and building the competencies of emotional intelligence.

Global Immersions

Global immersions help develop a deeper global business understanding with an opportunity to enrich your business education with international experience. These immersions are 3-credit courses that combine applied business study with travel. The course is typically composed of select on-campus sessions, a 7 to 10 day long international trip, and written assignments, projects and/or presentations. 

Sample global immersions have included:

  • Ireland: Global bio-medical, technology or financial services industry project in Ireland
  • Poland: Immersion in the media and technology sector of Poland and Central Europe
  • London: Global Disruption: fintech, financial services, and entrepreneurial finance in the wake of Brexit or iconic brands, nation branding and influencer marketing in the wake of Brexit