Global Business Honors Program

The four-year Global Business Honors Program selects incoming first years with stellar high school academic records and prepares them for high-level roles in the world's most dynamic firms and organizations. The 25 students in each GBHP class form a close-knit community of friends and scholars.

What makes this program special?

Its name tells all.

"Global business" means that participants experience an intensive international business curriculum and travel together on intercontinental trips: to London and either Asia or Latin America.

"Honors" means that Global Business Honors Program core-curriculum courses are especially rigorous and in-depth. This includes classes in business mathematics, microeconomics and macroeconomics, information systems, business communications and financial management.


  • Each semester, students take two honors courses and three courses from the regular curriculum.
  • Seniors complete an original capstone research projectwith one-on-one faculty guidance. Some papers have been selected for publication by the same scholarly journals that typically publish university professors' research.
  • By graduation, students have experienced business across the globe via group trips, which are heavily subsidized.
  • GBHP groups visit top-ranked companies and business organizations in New York and overseas.
  • Career-development programs hone participants' "soft skills," such as interviewing, networking, international business etiquette and verbal presentation.

For more information, contact Brian Dunn, assistant dean for honors opportunities and dual-degree programs, at [email protected].