Global Business Honors Program Coursework

Global Business Honors Program courses are designed to spur your intellectual curiosity, develop your analytical and presentation skills, and connect what you learn in the classroom with what is happening in businesses worldwide.

Honors students take some of their core curriculum courses in special honors sections, which focus on more advanced and globally oriented material. There also are some classes specific to GBHP, including Global Business Readings and Business Practices.

These are the unique courses that GBHP students take:

Freshman Year

  • Honors Macroeconomics 
  • Honors Business Mathematics 
  • Honors Microeconomics 
  • Honors Probability & Statistics 
  • Global Business Readings*

Sophomore Year

  • Honors Financial Management

Junior Year

  • Business Practices*
  • Honors Project Seminar I*

Senior Year

  • Honors Project Seminar II* 
  • Honors Project Seminar III*

* An original course developed exclusively for GBHP students.