Undergraduate to Graduate Pathways

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Located in the heart of New York City, Fordham Law is a vibrant, collaborative, and diverse community of dedicated faculty and engaged, hands-on students who are working together to master the law, understand its role in advancing justice, and make sure that justice is accessible to all.

Our approach combines a grounding in enduring legal principles along with emerging theories, techniques, and technologies. We’re creating a community of compassionate and highly capable lawyers who have a larger goal in mind: to make a difference for our profession, society, and world.


4+1 Pathways

Are you a current undergraduate student at Fordham University who has always thought about continuing your studies and obtaining your master’s degree? Now, through the Gabelli School of Business 4 + 1 program, it is easier than ever to complete both your undergraduate and graduate degrees by adding an additional 7*-12 months.
By taking advantage of the 4 + 1 opportunity, you may be eligible to count up to six credits of your undergraduate studies toward your master's degree. A minimum of 30 credits must be taken at the graduate level. Additionally, GMAT/GRE waivers may be available, with an expedited application process and no application fee. Finally, all 4 + 1 applicants will be considered for a maximum $15K merit-based scholarship.
Please speak with a Gabelli Graduate Admissions Officer about these opportunities. Sign up for a Virtual Coffee Chat with Gabelli Graduate Admissions.

Once a month, we will have On-Campus Office Hours with a Gabelli Graduate Admissions Officer. We will be on the Rose Hill Campus at the Office of Career Center in the McShane Center and at Lincoln Center on Martino Hall - 4th Floor. Please visit Gabelli Graduate Admissions Monthly On-Campus Office Hours to access the calendar and to reserve a time and location that work for you.
We look forward to seeing and speaking with you virtually or in person!
*Students participating in the BS/MS programs for Professional Accounting or Professional Taxation may accelerate the completion of the graduate degree in less than 12 months, depending on the student’s undergraduate coursework.


Deferred Entry MBA (Full-time MBA only)

Are you an undergraduate senior or graduate student in your final year of study?

Current undergraduates (or master's students) who are considering an MBA in their future can now apply to the highly-rated Gabelli School Full-time MBA program. The Deferred Entry MBA allows you to complete the MBA application process while in your final year of study, gain conditional admission, and then begin the Gabelli School Full-time MBA program after completing two to five years of professional work experience. During the deferral period, we expect students to pursue impactful employment that enhances leadership and professional development to prepare profile and prepares you to contribute to business for the greater good. Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission and are applied when the student matriculates.