Finance Seminar Series

Department Seminars

  • February 15, 2019, Douglas J. Cumming, Florida Atlantic University College of Business

    February 22, 2019, Ethan Chiang, Belk College of Business, UNC Charlotte

    March 29, 2019, John Graham, Fuqua School of Business, Duke

    April 5, 2019, Federico Bandi, John Hopkins Carey Business School

    April 12, 2019, Peter Carr, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

  • September 14, 2018, Lalita Naveen, Temple University

    October 19, 2018, Tong Yao, University of Iowa

    November 2, 2018, Alexandre Jeaneret, HEC Montreal

    November 9, 2018, Vivian Fang, University of Minnesota

  • February 23, Wei Xiong, Princeton University

    March 9, Lalitha Naveen, Temple University

    April 13, Turan Bali, Georgetown University

    April 20, Yelena Larkin, York University

  • September 8, Laurent Frésard, University of Maryland

    September 29, Kewei Hou, Ohio State University

    October 27, Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland

    November 10, Tom Chemmanur, Boston College

  • March 10, Dexin Zhou, Baruch College
    "Public Market to Private Market: Institutions in Venture Capital"

    March 24, Zhongjin Lu, University of Georgia
    "Can We Predict the Cross-Section of Long-Term Stock Returns?"

    March 31, Kai Li, University Of British Columbia
    "Vote Avoidance and Shareholder Voting in Mergers and Acquisitions"

    April 7, Hamid Mehran, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    "Deferred Cash Compensation: Enhancing Stability in the Financial Services Industry"

    April 28, Vikas Mehrotra, University of Alberta
    "The January Anomaly: Early Evidence and a New Explanation"

  • September 16, Gurdip Bakshi, University of Maryland
    “A Recovery That We Can Trust? Deducing and Testing the Restrictions of the Recovery Theorem"

    September 23, Yakov Amihud, New York University
    "The Pricing of the Illiquidity Factor’s Systematic​ ​Risk"

    October 7, Phil Dybvig, Washington University in St. Louis
    “How to Squander Your Endowment: Pitfalls and Remedies”

    October 28, Alon Brav, Duke University
    "How Does Hedge Fund Activism Reshape Corporate Innovation?"

    November 4, Byoung-Hyoun Huang, Cornell University
    "Offsetting Disagreement and Security Prices"

  • March 9, Phelim Boyle, Columbia University
    “When do portfolios based on the first principal component have short positions?"

    April 8, Tao Su, Georgia University
    “Analyst forecast adjustment, conflicts of interest, and acquisition costs"

  • September 18, Weiling Song, Louisiana State University
    “Do Institutional Investors Know Banks Better? Evidence from Institutional Trading Surrounding the 2008 Financial Crisis"

    October 2, Fabio Schiantarelli, Boston College
    “Financial Markets, Banks' Cost of Funding, and Firms' Decisions: Lessons from Two Crises"

    October 23, Jayant Kale, Northeastern University
    “Effects of “Large” Customers on Firm Value: The Case of Earnings Surprises"

    October 29, Chu Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    “Why Did the Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity Decline over Time? A Productive Capital Structure Perspective"

    November 13, N. R. Prabhala, University of Maryland
    “Do Programs Mandating Lending to SMEs Disincentivize Growth? Evidence from a Policy Experiment"

    November 20, Stephen Brown, New York University
    “Managerial Talent and Hedge Fund Performance"

  • February 6, Geert Bekaert, Columbia University
    “Asset Return Dynamics under Habits and Bad-environment-Good Environment Fundamentals"

    March 13, George Gao, Cornell University
    “Subjective Belief, Crash Perception, and Cross-Sectional Stock Return"

    March 27, Felicia Ionescu, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
    “The Interplay Between Student Loans and Credit Card Debt: Implications for Default Behavior"

    April 17, Ohad Kadan, Washington University in St. Louis
    “Speculating on Private Information: Buy the Rumor, Sell the News”

    April 24, Gael Girand, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
    “Debt-Deflation versus the Liquidity Trap: the Dilemma of Nonconventional Monetary Policy"

    May 1, Thorseten Beck, Tilburg University
    “When Arm’s Length Is Too Far. Relationship Banking over the Credit Cycle"

  • September 5, Alex Butler, Rice University
    “Credit Be Dammed: The Impact of Banking Deregulation on Economic Growth"

    September 12, Johannes Stroebel, New York University
    “Very Long-Run Discount Rates”

    October 3, Andres Liberman, New York University
    “Trade Credit and Organizational Form: Evidence From The Regulation of Buyer-supplier Contracts"

    October 10, Harold Zhang, University of Texas at Dallas
    “Disclosure Regulation on Mortgage Securitization and Subprime Loan Performance"

    November 7, Jarrad Harford, University of Washington
    “Foreign Cash: Taxes, Internal Capital Markets and Agency Problems"

    November 14, Andrew Karolyi, Cornell University
    “The Economic Consequences of Investor Relations: A Global Perspective"

    November 21, William Kerr, Harvard Business School
    “House Money and Entrepreneurship"

  • January 31, William Wilhelm, University of Virginia
    "Investment-Banking Relationships: 1933-2007"

    February 28, Murillo Campello, Cornell University
    "Is the Stock Market Just a Side Show? Evidence from a Structural Reform"

    March 14, Harold Zhang, University of Texas at Dallas
    “Disclosure Regulation on Mortgage Securitization and Subprime Loan Performance”

    March 28, Leonard Kostovessky, University of Rochester
    “Whom Do You Trust?” Investor-advisor Relationships and Mutual Fund Flows”

    April 4, Nickolay Gantchev, University of North Carolina
    “Governance under the Gun: Spillover Effects of Hedge Fund Activism"

The Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis Events

  • March 7, Harold Vogel, PhD, CFA and founder of Vogel Capital Management
    “Market Life Lessons: A Fundamental Analyst’s Perspective on Bubbles, Entertainment and Travel Sectors”

    March 28, Aswath Damodaran, professor, NYU Stern Business School
    Book presentation: “Narratives and Numbers”

    April 6, Michael van Biema, founder of van Biema Value Partners and former professor at Columbia Business School, and Allen Bennello, CFA, partner of White River Partners
    Book presentation: “Concentrated Investing”

  • September 27, Leon Cooperman, founder of Omega Advisors
    “Life, Hedge Funds and Today’s Market Outlook”

    October 13, Thomas Russo, managing partner of Gardner, Russo, Gardner LLC
    “The Capacity to Suffer – Global Value Equity Investing”

    November 1, Jeff Gramm, partner, Bandera Partners, adjunct professor at Columbia Business School
    Book presentation: “Mr. Chairman: Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism”

    November 19, Baruch Lev, NYU Stern Business School, and Feng Gu, University at Buffalo
    Book presentation: “The End of Accounting”

    November 16, Meryl Witmer, managing partner of Eagle Capital Partners and member of the Board of Directors of Berkshire Hathaway
    “Bring a Sharp Pencil and Leave your Emotions Behind”

Petrilli Center Workshops

  • May 3, Joshua Aizenman, University of Southern California and NBER,
    “Balance Sheet Effects on Monetary and Financial Spillovers: The East Asian Crisis Plus 20”

  • October 14, Paul D. McNelis, Fordham University
    “Optimal Policy Rules at Home, Crisis and Quantitative Easing Abroad”

  • February 19, Bin Grace Li, International Monetary Fund
    “Innovation, Deregulation, and the Life Cycle of a Financial Service Industry”

    April 1, Roberto S. Mariano, University of Pennsylvania
    “High-Mixed-Frequency Forecasting of GDP and Inflation in the Philippines

  • September 11, Petrilli Center, co-sponsored conference in Honor of James R. Lothian with Gabelli School of Business and Journal of International Money and Finance

    October 9, Norman C. Miller, Miami University, Oxford Ohio
    “FX Market Puzzles: Some Low Hanging Fruit”

    November 6, Cheng-Ying Yang, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
    “The Currency Denomination of Debt and Government Spending Shocks”

    December 11, James R. Lothian,  Fordham University
    “Comments on Rudebusch and Williams, the Phillips Curve and Monetary Policy” 

  • April 10, Paul D. McNelis,  Fordham University
    “Target Balances and Macroeconomic Adjustment to Sudden Stops in the Euro Area”(with Gabriel Fagan, European Central Bank)

    April 23, James R. Lothian,  Fordham University
    "Uncovered Interest Parity: The Long and The Short of It."

    May 1, Enrique Mendoza, University of Pennsylvania
    “Optimal Time-Consistent Macroprudential Policy”

  • January 24, Paul D. McNelis, Fordham University
    "Income Inequality, Trade and Financial Openness" (coauthored with G.C. Lim)

    February 28, James R. Lothian, Fordham University
    "Milton Friedman's Monetary Economics: Theory and Empirics"

    March 28, Guglielmo-Maria Caporale, Brunel University, CESifo and DIW Berlin
    "Business Cycles, International Trade and Capital Flows: Evidence from Latin America" (with Alessandro Girardi)

    April 11, Jerome Lahaye, Fordham University
    "System-wide Tail Comovements: A Bootstrap Test For Cojump Identification On The S&P 500, US Bonds and Exchange Rates" (with Jean-Yves Gnabo and Lyudmyla Hvozdyk)

    May 9, Joshua Aizenman, USC and the NBER
    "China's Growth, Stability, and Use of International Reserves" (with Yothin Jinjarak and Nancy P.