Finance and Business Economics

Finance and Business Economics

Interim Area Chair: An Yan
Contact: [email protected]

As the Gabelli School's largest academic area, finance and business economics offers an undergraduate major and concentrations as well as several graduate paths: a finance concentration for both the Full-Time Cohort MBA and Professional MBA, an MS in Quantitative Finance, and an MS in Finance. Full-time finance faculty members, listed on this page, are joined by a stellar roster of adjunct instructors drawn from the ranks of New York City's finance experts and senior executives.

In addition to offering a diverse selection of highly rigorous and innovative courses, the finance and business economics area is strongly committed to research, as showcased in its Journal of International Money and Finance, Center for Research in International Finance, and  Center for Research in Contemporary Finance. Its faculty members routinely contribute to top scholarly journals and books — several professors have been ranked among the top 50 most prolific authors in academic journals—and participate in national and international conferences.

Featured Research

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