Frank J. Petrilli Center for Research in International Finance

About the center

Funded by the Gabelli School, CRIF promotes interdisciplinary collaborations among financial engineers, historians, monetary economists, and legal scholars, within the University and beyond.

With a general focus in international finance, CRIF supports a wide variety of research topics, including:

  • The behavior of international financial markets
  • The microstructure of these markets
  • The institutions surrounding international financial markets
  • The historical development of these markets
  • The process of international financial integration and the globalization of markets.

CRIF sponsors a working paper series and holds regular research workshops. To foster interaction and collaboration with researchers outside Fordham, the center also sponsors a visiting scholar program, which draws active researchers in relevant areas to the University for short-term visits and collaboration. On occasion, CRIF also serves as a host or co-host for conferences on specific topics of interest to the research community.