Journal of International Money and Finance

Since its launch in 1982, the Journal of International Money and Finance has built a reputation as a high-quality scholarly journal devoted to theoretical and empirical research in the fields of international monetary economics and international finance—and the rapidly developing overlap area between the two.

JIMF authors operate at the forefront of scholarly research on exchange-rate behavior, foreign exchange options, international capital markets, international monetary and fiscal policy, international transmission, and related questions.

Thanks to a wide range of authorship—including economists and finance specialists at major research universities, smaller universities, central banks, and private financial institutions worldwide—the journal achieves extraordinary diversity in both topic and approach, and it provides a truly global perspective on international economic and financial questions.

Working Paper Series

Abstracts and papers from the Working Paper Series are available as far back as 2002. View the list and selected downloads.

Seminar Series

The Center for Research in Contemporary Finance held between two and six research seminars each fall and spring from 2002 through 2010. There is an online record of the participants’ names and paper titles.