Marketing Speaker Series

Industry Speaker Series

The Marketing Area Industry Speaker Series brings marketing professionals and successful business leaders to the Gabelli School to speak and share their expertise about changes taking places in their industries with our graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Sept 27, Dana Warren, CEO of Tech Start Up Advisors, "Mastering the Tightrope, Balancing Art and Science in Marketing and Sales to Drive Growth"

    Nov 15, Billy Fitzpatrick, Advisor to the CEO at Analytic Partners, Commercial Analytics and Latest Industry Trends

    Oct 18, Jordan Weil, Group Strategy Director Ogilvy, Creating a new IBM brand platform with consumer insights.

    Mar 29, Billy McLellan, Account Executive at Google, "Marketing to the Modern Consumer" 

  • Feb 16, Nishan Lahood, Assistant Brand Lead at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, "Revealing the Humans Behind the Numbers."

    April 6, Nick Hardiman, Principle Account Manager, Google, "the Evolving Data Dependencies in Digital Advertising"

    Sept 21, Ellen Zaleski, Global Director, AdTech at Dell Technologies (Upcoming event)

    Oct. 12, Shane McAndrew, Global Chief Data Strategy & Analytics Officer at Mindshare (Upcoming event)

    Nov. TBA, Deb Kas-Stambaugh, Head of Marketing Americas, MBA, Member at Chief (upcoming event)

  • March 17, Roundtable "Transforming and Leveraging Business Communities, During and Post COVID-19 Crisis," with Michael Critelli (former CEO Pitney Bowes), Cathy Blaney (Bloomberg Philanthropy), Hooman Estelami (Professor of Marketing), Tony DeFrancesco (Lecturer)- moderator

    April 14, Sangeet Pillai, Daniela Guzman, Jordan Weil, Creative Team at Verizon in-house agency, “Art, Science and A Coin Toss: How Compelling Ideas Get Made”

    September 19, Esty Gorman, Creative Effectiveness Lead at Google, "Wait, wait, don't skip: capturing attention with creative"

    November 17, Alison Smith, Partner at Rethink Capital Partners

  • September 30, Paul Kramer, Senior Director at VISA, Global Merchant Client Services, “Branding insights for Loyalty programs & Co-brand Partnership”

    October 28, Stacey Lesser, Chief Strategic Officer at Merkley & Partners, “Creating Relevance for a 100 year old Brand”

    November 18, Ikechi Okoronkwo, Group Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics at Mindshare USA, “"Effective Data Translation and Outcome-Based Measurement"

  • March 13,  Elizabeth Brody, Owner/Anthropologist, Culture Works, LLC
    “Transformational Culture at Work: A General Motors Case Study”

    April 3,  Courtney Goodwin, Director of Marketing, Notal Vision
    “Developing and Executing an Integrated Channel Strategy to Drive Growth in Healthcare”

    April 9,  Mark Truss, Global Director of Brand Intelligence, J. Walter Thompson
    “How Communications Really Work”

    September 30,  Nishan Lahood, Global Manager of Audience Insights and Analytics, EightBar, Ogilvy
    “The Humans behind the Numbers: A case study on an IBM user Journey”

    October 7,  Christine Osborne Gil, Senior Manager of Brand Strategy

    October 16,  Anika Sharma, Global Digital Expert & Organic Growth Leader, NYC adjunct.

  • March 14,  Mackenzie Murphy, Senior Marketing Associate, Mattel Brands/Fisher Price
    “Toys, Toons and Tunes: Marketing in the World of Children's Entertainment”

    April 4,  Edwin Philogene, Head of Marketing, Bond, Inc.
    "Marketing Using Digital Platforms"

    September 24,  Tom Maschio, Owner/Anthropologist, Maschio Consulting
    “Google’s Anthropological Exploration of Virtual Reality: Humanizing a Digital Project”

    October 1,  Isil Ketenci, Senior Marketing Strategist, Global Business Solutions, Mercer
    “Launching an international #marketingcareer: creating efforts to succeed”

    October 24,  Luann O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer, SAV-A-TREE
    “Building a National Brand on the Local Level”

  • March 29, Dean Beals, president, DKBmed
    “Medical Education and Pharma: Challenges, Pitfalls & Opportunities”

    April 6, Edwin Philogene, marketing & insights director, Tumblr/BBDO
    “Marketing Using Digital Platforms”

    April 20, Larry Black, global head of marketing, FTSE Russell
    “Disruption in Social Media”

    September 9, Sarah Greenwood, director, Olympic Sales Marketing, NBC Universal
    "Integrated Marketing of the Olympics"

    October 2, RP Kumar, EVP global director strategic planning & insight, Ketchum
    "Bringing research to life: Integrated marketing thinking at work"

    November 29, Eric Epstein, marketing director, snacks at Wrigley Mars
    "Trying a little goodness: Learnings from a new brand launch"

  • February 9, Girish Gupta, sr. sales director customer management, Pepsico
    “Leveraging Consumer Insights to Drive Product Innovation”

    February 26, RP Kumar, EVP global dir. strat. plan & insight, and Chris A., digital marketing manager, Ketchum
    “Beyond the Numbers, Integrated Marketing Thinking at Work”

    March 8, Ole Pedersen, EVP global planning director, Deutsch
    “Developing the Best Advertising through Brand Stories”

    March 15, Mark Truss, global director of brand intelligence, J. Walter Thompson
    “How Communications Really Work”

    April 14, Achim Matthes, director, digital partner development & sales, Sony Music

    April 15, Tatiana Pages, chief creative officer, Green Card
    “Creativity in Marketing Campaigns”

    September 29, Ellen Zaleski, senior vice president, director, consumer insights, Empower Media – Dentsu Aegis Network
    “Strategic Brand Research in the Age of Digital Complexity”

    December 5, Susan Arons, executive vice president, Rubenstein Communications
    “TV Promotion Strategies, Hunger Games & Movies”

  • October 5, George Knobloch, COO, Keyfood
    “Marketing Strategies in Today's Grocery Retailing”

    October 5, Ivan Arguello, CEO, Keyfood, and Michele Gissi, marketing analyst, Keyfood
    “Optimizing Marketing Campaign strategies”

    December 7, Archana Kumar, chief strategy officer, Viacom
    “Content Marketing in the Digital Age”

  • October 2, Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief, Bloomberg News
    “Truth in the Age of Twitter”

Distinguished Speaker Series

The Marketing Area Distinguished Speaker Series brings renowned scholars and researchers in the fields of marketing and services, as well as editors of prestigious journals, to Gabelli School of Business to present and share their most current research.

  • Spring 2019: Jerry Davis,  University of Michigan
  • Fall 2018: Mark Rosenbaum,  University of South Carolina
  • Spring 2018: Laurel Anderson,  Arizona State University; Wendy Moe,  University of Maryland
  • Fall 2017: Raymond Fisk, Texas State University
  • Fall 2016: Barak Libai, Haifa University; Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University
  • Spring 2016: Edward Malthouse, Northwestern University
  • Fall 2015: Parsu Parasuraman, University of Miami; Ronald Hill, Villanova University
  • Spring 2015: Gita Johar, Columbia University
  • Fall 2014: Ruth Bolton, Arizona State University