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Whether you are a full-time graduate student attending classes in person, or you’re earning your degree part-time and/or online, there is always a way to get involved. Student life at the Gabelli School is focused on expanding your mind, developing your unique point of view, building your network, and connecting the dots between classroom learning and real-world applications. Don’t miss out!

  • As a newly admitted graduate student, you are about to embark on an exciting personal and professional journey—one during which you will acquire new knowledge and skill sets, discover new interests, and make new acquaintances. Before you begin, be sure to ground yourself in onboarding and orientation events and activities, which require mandatory attendance to ensure a smooth transition into your program of study. Details about Orientation, including agendas, will be sent to your Fordham and personal email accounts.

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    QUESTIONS? Contact:

    Full-time M.B.A. - Linda Agnew, Full-Time MBA Administrative Manager, [email protected]

    Specialized Master’s - Elizabeth Ostler, Ph.D., Manager of Graduate Enrichment Programs, [email protected].

    Professional M.B.A - Linda Agnew, M.B.A. Administrative Manager, [email protected]

    Executive M.B.A. - Francis Petit, Ph.D., Ed.D., Associate Dean of Global Initiatives and Partnerships, [email protected]

Student Run InitiativeStudent Run Initiatives

Graduate Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is the Gabelli School’s principal student organization. Its primary function is to ensure a smooth working relationship between the students, faculty members, and administrators with respect to academic and non-academic activities. The SAC advocates on behalf of the student body and also is responsible for the allocation of designated funds to GSB student clubs. To learn more about the SAC structure, its officers and the resources it provides, visit the Graduate SAC webpage.

Graduate Student Clubs

The Gabelli School of Business offers a broad array of graduate clubs that range from professionally focused societies to those which support our students’ many interests and affiliations. Joining a club provides opportunities to network and get to know those who share your passions and professional pursuits. Many clubs hold events, host guest lecturers, and go on site visits to companies and organizations that are relevant to the sectors they represent. To learn more and join a club, visit the Graduate Student Clubs webpage.

Graduate Student Events

The Gabelli School of Business hosts a large number of events each year—from those that are professionally focused and feature top industry experts and guest lecturers to those that are just for fun. Attending student events provides the chance to dive deep into a particular topic of interest, to grow your network or to relax and simply enjoy the company of others. To learn more about events, visit the Graduate Student Events webpage.

A group of students and professionalsIndividually Tailored Services

Gabelli Plus – Full-time M.B.A. Enrichment Program

The Gabelli Plus program helps to build a strong and cohesive Full-time M.B.A. cohort, while also exposing students to current topics in business, preparing them for leadership roles, enriching their quantitative and soft skills, and guiding them in their career choices. Once a week, on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m., the full cohort gathers to attend a two-hour lecture/workshop series on a variety of topics, which is followed by dedicated networking time with speakers. Students also can take leadership roles in hosting speakers and selecting topics for discussion.

In addition as a Gabelli School student, you will have access to all of the enrichment programs listed below.

Specialized Master’s Enrichment Programs

Gabelli School specialized master’s students benefit from the outstanding education they receive in our classrooms, but also from access to a multitude of resources, events, and workshops to help further develop their skill sets and build relationships with peers, alumni, and industry leaders. Below is a sampling of the types of enrichment programs and services you have access to as a student enrolled in any of our graduate programs.

Skills-based workshops (e.g., Python, Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau) • Soft-skills workshops (e.g., career vision, time management, networking, c-suite skills) • Program-specific workshops (e.g., Data Analysis, Storytelling through Visualizations, Tableau for Finance) • Membership to program-specific organizations • Subscription to The Wall Street Journal • Industry-based competitions • Attendance at industry conferences • Access to Bloomberg Computer Terminals • Alumni networking events

Students at a Diversity and Community ServiceCommunity Focused Programs

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The Gabelli School prides itself on promoting and supporting a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of its core values. DEI provides the tools that are critical for creating a fair and just society, encouraging diverse perspectives, advancing knowledge, and sparking innovation. Students, faculty members, and administrators from around the globe call the Gabelli School home, and we are deeply inspired by the incredible depth they bring to our very special community. We offer a plethora of events and clubs in which to become involved. Visit the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Mattering and Justice website

Community Service Opportunities

The Center for Community Engagement and Learning provides a bridge between Fordham University, the communities that surround it, as well as its global partners. Its goal is to alleviate poverty, promote justice, protect human rights, and respect the environment through experiential learning, research, and civic engagement—all of which are at the core of a Gabelli School of Business education. Visit the CCEL website.