Marketing Careers

Marketing undergraduates at the Gabelli School have access to career advisors who specialize in the recruiting process for internships and full-time jobs in their field.

PPD Marketing Industry advisors hold individual meetings with students, organize career-search skills workshops, work directly with faculty, and establish direct connections with companies that are interested in hiring Fordham marketing students. You can make an appointment with a PPD Marketing Advisor on The Fordham Hub.

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  • Dr. Gina Hill LoBasso

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Want to learn more about your options in marketing?

Individual career advising

One-on-one advising sessions are available to marketing students. At these sessions, you will receive assistance with:

  • Ins and outs of the marketing field, including typical career paths
  • Your selection of a marketing major or concentration
  • Résumé review
  • Interview preparation
  • Approaches to professional development

Part of the marketing career-advising process is choosing a career path within the broad field of marketing. Advisors will work together with you to craft a professional-development plan for a niche within the field that may be well-suited to your interests and strengths. Some examples are:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Social and digital media
  • Sales and sales management
  • Global marketing
  • Market analytics and research
  • Brand and product management
  • Public relations

Students who have interests in pursuing marketing in a specific industry, such as fashion, consumer products, media and entertainment, or sports, can also benefit from marketing career advising.

To make an advising appointment, log in to The Fordham Hub.

Marketing career workshops and events

A great way to learn more about marketing careers, make connections with companies, and broaden your network—all at the same time—is through the marketing career events offered by the Personal and Professional Development Center.

Events come in several different types, each designed to help you accomplish a different goal—and to have fun while doing so.

Young Alumni Marketing Roundtables

Young Alumni Marketing Roundtable events are very much like they sound: Current students have a chance to sit at large, round tables, each led by one or more recent Fordham alumni. Alumni typically are one to three years post-graduation, and they are ideally equipped to speak about what entry-level jobs in marketing are like..

In a group discussion, you will learn what the industry expects of marketing job-seekers (both academically and in terms of internships). You will hear about actual projects that young alumni are working on, helping you to envision your first year or two of work. Most importantly, you will have the chance to ask questions of Fordham graduates who want to help you—and who have the real-world experience to give you the best answers.

Recent alumni participants have represented the sub-fields of digital advertising, social media, branding, sports marketing, and fashion marketing. They work for companies such as BBDO, Revlon, Estee Lauder, LinkedIn, and Publicis.

Spotlight Series

Want to meet hiring representatives on campus? The Spotlight Series offers you the chance to connect with a company without leaving campus. The content for these sessions varies based on the company’s goals and preferences. Some sessions involve a staff member presenting about how that particular company approaches the marketing function. Others offer you a glimpse into a real-world marketing case study. Some sessions allow you to showcase your own skills, as company staff put forth a current challenge they are facing and give you the chance to suggest a creative way to solve it.

Spotlight Series events are posted on GabelliConnect; watch the calendar for dates.

Mock Interview Week

You want to be as prepared as possible when you walk into an interview—whether for an internship or a job. At PPD mock interview sessions, you may practice fielding questions from a career advisor, an industry recruiter, a Fordham alumnus or alumna, or an industry professional who just wants to come to campus to help out. No matter who your practice interviewer may be, you will walk away with a better sense of your areas of strength and needs for improvement.

Career-search skills workshops

PPD offers these marketing workshops every semester. Dates will be posted on the GabelliConnect calendar.

  • General Marketing Advising Session: Creating a Professional Development Plan
  • Career fair preparation
  • Internship search strategy and planning
  • Job search strategy and planning

Corporate site visits

Immerse yourself in the corporate culture of advertising and media companies through an on-site visit. PPD and the marketing area faculty organize these trips, which include staff presentations, tours, and career information. Site visits can help you figure out not only which type of marketing role might be right for you, but also what kind of organization you want to work for.