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Professional MBA

Professional MBA

If you’re already in the workforce, your MBA needs are different.

The Gabelli School’s Professional MBA is designed for people who plan on keeping their jobs while they go through school.

This program provides you with a next-level credential that will capitalize on your work experience—not duplicate it.

It can be finished in as little as three years, nine trimesters.

Classes meet after work or on weekends, and the Gabelli School’s class schedule allows you to make the most of your time at our Columbus Circle campus by taking two courses in the same evening.

You will complete this MBA program with the ability to have an immediate, measurable impact in a higher role at your current company or in a new position. You will be prepared to lead, and you will develop an instinct for how profit can coexist with progress, advancing the Fordham MBA philosophy of business that does good for society.

Program Overview

The Professional MBA program is ideal for individuals with three to seven years of work experience who seek a well-rounded, upper-level business education while maintaining a full-time job. Please note: this program is limited strictly to a part-time plan of study; Professional MBA candidates may take a maximum of two classes (six credits) per term.

The new curriculum includes a slate of core courses to build a strong foundation across all business disciplines and electives that offer a choice of courses targeted to your interests.

Professional MBA students can choose among seven primary concentrations as a focus for their studies, and can specialize the degree further with a secondary concentration.

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