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Health and Safety

Study Abroad, Colombia

2019 Pre-Health Service Learning Program- Cali, Colombia


In the interest of student, faculty, and staff health, Fordham University suspended study abroad programs through December 2020 and is committed to restarting study abroad programming only when conditions globally and locally permit us to safely do so. While the virus is active, Fordham University will provide the same standard of COVID-19 precautionary care at sites abroad as at our campuses in NY.

The Fordham study abroad travel policy permits students to travel abroad to countries with US State Department alert levels of 1 or 2 and a Centers for Disease Control travel notice of 1; these will continue to serve as baseline indicators for when Fordham may restart study abroad programming in specific locations. Fordham has established criteria which programs must meet before hosting our students. When study abroad resumes, Fordham University will engage in enhanced health and safety monitoring and will follow US State Department, CDC, and our international risk management firm's (WorldAware) guidance at program sites globally, and will implement COVID-19-specific protocols.

COVID-19 CDC Travel Recommendations Map


Student stands in front of white houses with blue roofs

Changes in air quality, elevation, diet, climate, geography/topography and stress factors related to adjusting to living in a new culture can exacerbate many medical and mental health conditions. You should plan to continue any medical treatment you are currently undergoing while abroad and ensure that you will have access to any prescription medications you may require for the duration of your program.

Please consult regarding health and vaccination recommendations for your host country. Study abroad students are required to have a medical examination form completed by a medical practitioner prior to traveling abroad.

All students must attend a pre-departure meeting in NY prior to studying abroad.

While Abroad

The welfare of all study abroad participants is of utmost importance to Fordham University. We are mindful of the fact that our concern is shared by parents and students participating in or considering study abroad.

Students studying in Fordham-administered programs benefit from having Fordham University faculty and administrative staff at their respective host institutions provide on-site services and support. During orientation, staff conduct special safety briefings and monitor local safety conditions throughout the semester. In addition, all participants receive information about security and how to conduct themselves should a local or international crisis occur. Fordham students participating in our affiliated and exchange programs benefit from our consortium membership and institutional affiliation agreements. All of our partners have crisis management procedures in place to monitor safety conditions.

The staff in New York monitor situations worldwide with the support of the United States Department of State Bureau of Overseas Security Advisory Council, of which Fordham University is a member, as well as with WorldAware a private international risk management firm.

Undergraduate students enrolling in International and Study Abroad Programs Office-sponsored programs will be able to download the Alert Traveler application for their mobile devices while studying abroad. This app has important international travel information as well as the ability to send alerts regarding incidents which may impact a student’s safety. Fordham University staff can also communicate with students through the app.

Additional Resources

All students studying abroad through Fordham, as well as staff and faculty participating in Fordham sponsored travel, must enroll in the Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, and in Fordham's Travel Registry, found in the "Home" tab in the portal.

The State Department maintains a website with information specifically for students abroad, as well as more general consular information about various countries.

A Safe Trip Abroad (published by the State Department) helps with the preparations for going abroad, and U.S. Transportation Security Administration with preparations for your flight.

OSAC's Travel Toolkit publishes invaluable information on many topics related to travelling abroad.

In an emergency please contact Fordham's Public Safety at 718-817-2222.