Fordham in Granada: Universidad de Granada

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Fordham's study abroad program in Granada, Spain is based at CEA CAPA Education Abroad and the University of Granada in one of the most beautiful and historic cities of Andalucia. Students in the Fordham in Granada program take four to five courses in Spanish or English, depending on language proficiency. Courses in Art History, Business, Communications, International Studies, Literature, Music, Politics, Psychology, Spanish, Sociology, Economics, Health, Science, Computer Science, Math, History, and Culture are available. Students can also take advantage of for-credit internships. Students considering this program are highly encouraged to register for a Spanish language learning course in the semester immediately preceding their time in Spain. 

Overall, the study abroad experience in Granada was enriching not just in terms of academic learning, but in personal growth and cultural appreciation. It was an insightful journey into understanding how art, history, and daily life can intertwine to create a unique and vibrant community.

- Miranda Mouris, Fall 2023

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Program Details

  • The city of Granada, a recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and the world. It is also the hometown of Federico García Lorca and a center of flamenco culture. The Alhambra Palace, the Sacromonte and Albacín neighborhoods, the Cathedral, and the numerous Baroque churches of the city are testimonies of a rich past, which continues to be alive through its vibrant university community.

  • Students choose four to five courses in their field(s) of study from courses taught in English or Spanish offered at University of Granada's Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM). For a list of courses and descriptions, please visit the Courses at the CLM webpage. Final course selection will be made after arrival and courses taken must be pre-approved following Fordham University's study abroad credit transfer process in the Study Abroad Portal. Students considering this program are highly encouraged to register for a Spanish language learning course in the semester immediately preceding their time in Granada. 

    Students also have the option to enroll in the following Fordham course taught in Granada:

    MVST 4998: Medieval Spain (Taught in English)

    One of the great medieval pilgrimage routes, the Camino de Santiago crosses northern Spain from the passes of the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. Students will analyze the Camino from anthropological, historical, literary, and artistic perspectives, considering the legends of the Camino, some of its many surviving monuments, and the modern conception of pilgrimage.  This course features a number of cultural experiences, including short walks along the Camino Mozárabe de Santiago throughout the semester. 

    This course is a History and Latin American and Latino Studies major or minor course and satisfies the ICC core requirement at Fordham University.

  • Fordham in Granada offers the opportunity to enroll in semester-long for-credit internships administered by CEA CAPA in partnership with local organizations. Positions are available at all levels of Spanish proficiency.

    Previous positions have included:

    • Beginner Students: teaching assistant, daycare assistant, and communication/social media assistant.
    • High Intermediate-Advanced Students: assistant at a center for at-risk youth, assistant at a local international cooperation NGO, social services assistant elderly, personal care assistant, or hotel reception assistant.
    • Advanced Students: Internships with general practitioners, psychological assistant, or as writing department assistant at a local newspaper.

    New positions are added each term, and the on-site team is happy to work with students to find the best fit based on proficiency level and interest. 

    Internships require the completion of an Internship Seminar, offered in English at the CLM, and 45 immersion hours at a placement site. Faculty leading the internship seminar, as well as on-site staff, are available throughout the semester to support interns in their role. Positions are confirmed after the placement exam.

    Please note, Some of these positions are very competitive and the vacancies are limited to one spot per semester. Therefore, applicants may be required to complete extra tasks and/or to do an interview during the assignment process in order to be considered for the position.

    For more information, please email [email protected]

  • In Granada, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make an impact and immerse yourself in the local community while volunteering with a local organization. Volunteering positions are not credit bearing, and available at all levels of Spanish proficiency.  
    Key volunteering opportunities include:

    • Volunteering with Minors: Options range from serving as a teaching assistant at a local
      school to participating in mentoring programs designed for minors at risk of exclusion (1
      hour per week). Volunteers can also support language development among children with
      hearing impairments (1 hour per week) or assist in coordinating activities for teenagers with autism (4 hours per week).
    • Volunteering with the Elderly: Volunteers can provide crucial companionship and support to the elderly by participating in initiatives such as volunteering at home or at a nursing home to alleviate loneliness (2 hours per week).

    Some placements require a police background check, which will be requested onsite free of charge. At the end of the program, each volunteer will receive a certificate/letter detailing the duration of their service and the specific tasks they undertook.

  • Students may live in homestays or student residences. Students participating in a homestay will live with a Granadan family for the semester. Homestay families provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a supportive environment for participants to acclimate to their new surroundings. Meals are included in the program cost.

    Students in student residences live with Spanish and international students with common lounge space, a dining room, and laundry on-site. Meals six days per week (excluding holidays) are provided at the student residence and are included in the program cost.

  • Fordham in Granada is based at CEA CAPA's study center in the city and is centrally located and close to the Universidad de Granada. Participants can expect their academic progress and cultural integration to be closely followed and guided by program staff. Program activities such as flamenco dancing, cooking classes, conversation exchanges, and visits to sites and museums throughout the city are organized each semester.

    Participants will engage in a number of cultural excursions within Granada as well as take short trips to other parts of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. In previous terms, the program visited Sevilla, Córdoba, Nerja, Ronda, Guadix, Cabo de Gata, Portugal’s Algarve region, and Morocco where they met with local students and lived with Moroccan families.

  • Fall 2024*: 

    September 23: Students arrive in Granada 

    September 24 - 27: Orientation 

    October 4 - 6: Morocco Weekend 1**

    October 11 - 13: Morocco Weekend 2**

    October 25: University of Granada course makeup day (classes will be held)

    November 1: All Saints Day (no class)

    November 4 - 7: Midterm Exams

    November 8 -9: Trip to Seville & Ronda

    November 22: Trip to Córdoba

    November 28: Thanksgiving Event 

    December 6: Constitution Day (no class)

    December 9: Feast of the Immaculate Conception (no class)

    December 13: Farewell Lunch 

    December 16 - 19: Final Exams

    December 20: Students depart 

    ** students will select one Morocco weekend in which they would like to participate 


    Spring 2025*:

    mid/late January arrival 

    late May departure 

    *dates are tentative and subject to change