Fordham in Granada: Universidad de Granada

Skyline in Granada.

Fordham's study abroad programs in Granada, Spain are based at the University of Granada in one of the most beautiful and historic cities of Andalucia. Courses in English or Spanish enable students to fully immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture or begin their language study. Content courses in Art History, Business, Communications, International Studies, Literature, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Health, Science, Computer Science, Math, History, and Culture enable a wide variety of students to participate in the programs.

Discovering Spain Program (Fall and Spring)
No Spanish language experience is required for this program.

Students in Fordham's Discovering Spain Program take four courses - three content courses taught in English or Spanish, and a Spanish language and culture course at the student's level of competency. Courses in Business, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Health Services, STEM, History, and Culture are available. Students with appropriate language skills can also take advantage of for-credit internships.

Spain in Context Program (Fall and Spring)
Advanced Spanish language skills, equivalent to SPAN 2001: Spanish Language and Literature, are required for this program.

Participants will take five courses, including SPAN 4520: Spain in Context. Depending on their academic interests and language proficiency, students can take courses at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas and facultades (departments) on topics such as Art History, Business, Communications, Culture, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies, Literature, Music, Politics, Psychology, and Sciences (Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, etc.). Students can also take advantage of for-credit internships.

Spanish Immersion Program (Summer)
This month-long program offers Spanish classes in language, literature, and culture. Students receive instruction at the University of Granada at their appropriate level of competency and will attend several events, cultural visits, and excursions throughout Andalusia.