Study Abroad Council

The Faculty Advisory Board and Study Abroad Council  work with department staff  to ensure that Fordham’s study abroad office continues to meet the needs of our undergraduate students, faculty, and other departments by strengthening our established study abroad programs and policies, and by helping to identify university needs related to study abroad.  Members are encouraged to promote international study to the university community as well as participate in an exchange of ideas to advance the goals of the department and to further global learning outcomes at the University.


The 2022-2025 Study Abroad Council consists of administrators and faculty from different divisions and academic departments of the university:


Rachel Annunziato, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, FCRH

Jenifer Campbell, Dean of Students at LC

Jennifer S. Clark*, Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Emily Economou, Student Financial Services

Keith Eldredge, Assistant VP and Dean of Student Services

Hanaa Fawzy, Assistant Dean Global Initiatives and Partnerships, GSB

Robert Hume, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Lisa Lancia, Director of International Initiatives in the Office of the Provost

Katherin Marton*, Professor of Finance and Economics

Olena Nikolayenko*, Professor of Political Science 

Tonia Olivo, Enrollment Group

Kathryn Raymond, Senior Assistant Director, Enrollment Group

Christopher Rodgers, Assistant VP and Dean of Students at RH

Marisa Villani, Senior Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, GSB


The Faculty Advisory Board consists of faculty from the undergraduate colleges of the university, each representing different academic departments who sit on the Study Abroad Council and are marked with *