Full-Term Study Abroad Program Policies

In order to apply for approval to study abroad, you must find the program in our search page and click "Apply Now." Please review the study abroad guidelines below for eligibility information.

  • Opportunities for full-term study at foreign destinations are open to juniors in good academic standing (GPA of 3.00 or better) and a clear disciplinary record. First semester Fordham College sophomores who otherwise meet the requirements may  study in Fordham’s London Liberal Arts program for the Fall semester only. Applications from students who do not meet one of these requirements will be considered on a case by case basis and may undergo additional review.

    All applicants must complete the online Fordham Study Abroad Application in the Study Abroad Portal. This requires the submission of a Statement of Purpose and Goals Questionnaire, a Faculty Recommendation (from the student's declared or intended major) and a Study Abroad Recommendation Form from the students class dean (GSB students) or academic advisor (FC students). For programs in which the language of instruction is not English, a Language Evaluation Form or submission of Fordham language placement rest results is required. Applications that might require additional consideration are reviewed by the International and Study Abroad Programs Faculty Advisory Board. This committee’s recommendations are final.

  • In addition to the academic policies of Fordham and your major department(s), the following policies apply:

    To secure necessary approvals and the transfer of credits, students are required to submit all application forms to the ISAP office on stipulated dates. Participants must make sure their projected study abroad credits do not exceed the number of transfer credits allowed to receive a Fordham degree (generally 60). Students must register for a regular full-time course load abroad which is the equivalent of 15-18 credits per semester.

    Core curriculum requirements can only be fulfilled by Fordham courses offered at Fordham centers abroad. Fordham College students must obtain major/minor advisor approval by meeting with their assigned academic advisor and GSB students must obtain approval from the Assistant Dean of Global Programs for courses taken abroad towards majors or minors. Program forms requesting official university approval must be signed by Fordham’s Director of Study Abroad.

    Grades earned abroad are recorded on a student’s transcript, but with the exception of those Fordham-taught courses in the Fordham in London programs and Fordham in Granada program are not calculated in the student’s GPA. Courses cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. A grade of C or better in each course is required and courses must be the equivalent of 3 credits at Fordham to transfer; Credits for duplicate courses will not transfer. 

    Students applying to programs in non-English speaking countries may take a program language placement test. Since a poor placement may require doing course work abroad that amounts to duplication of courses already taken at Fordham, it is recommended that you not leave a “gap” in your language study.

    View a list of study abroad courses previously approved for transfer.

  • Fordham students enroll in the equivalent of 15-18 US credits during their semesters abroad. When selecting your courses, keep in mind that many universities outside of the United States use a different credit numbering system for their courses. The information below will help you in selecting the appropriate number of courses at your host school.

    NOTE: This list is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee the number of credits transferred. Official course approval and credit transfer policies from the University's Study Abroad Guidelines apply.


    Country 3 Fordham Credits 15-18 Fordham Credits
    Argentina 3 credits 15-18 credits
    Australia 12 credit points 48-60 credit points
    Austria 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Belgium 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Brazil 4 credits 20-24 credits
    China 3 credits 15-18 credits
    Colombia 3 credits 15-18 credits
    Finland 3 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    France 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Germany 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Ireland 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Italy 6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Japan 3 credits 15-18 credits
    Mexico 8 credits 40-48 credits
    The Netherlands 6 ECTS 30 ECTS
    New Zealand 11 points 55-66 points
    The Philippines 3 credits 15-18 credits
    Peru 3 credits 15-18 credits
    South Africa 19 credits 95-114 credits
    South Korea 3 credits 15-18 credits
    Spain: Universidad de Granada 45 hours 225 hours-270 hours
    Spain: Universitat Ramon Llull 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    Spain: Universitat de Deusto 5-6 ECTS 30-36 ECTS
    United Kingdom: City University 11 credits 55-66 credits
    United Kingdom: Queen Mary 11 credits 55-66 credits
    United Kingdom: U Edinburgh 10 credits 50-60 credits
    United Kingdom: Westminster 15 credits 75-90 credits


  • Fordham students enrolled in study abroad programs are expected to comply at all times with the University Code of Conduct and all other rules, regulations and policies contained in the Student Handbook and the Study Abroad Handbook. They are also expected to conform to the rules, policies, and standards of the host institution, program and country.

    Participating in extreme sports, driving a motor vehicle, SCUBA diving, sky diving, mountaineering, ultra-light aircraft, parasailing, sailplaning/gliders, hang gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping or riding in any aircraft except as a passenger on a regularly scheduled airline or charter flight is prohibited while studying abroad.

    Approval to study abroad is specific to the site at which your study abroad program is located. You must complete a Travel Registration at TravelRegistry.Fordham.edu as well as follow the on-site procedures each time you leave your host city. Fordham University typically does not permit study abroad students to travel independently to countries with a US State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 and above. Requests to do so will be reviewed by Fordham University and may not be approved. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in dismissal from the study abroad program and loss of academic credit.

  • Approval to study abroad is specific to the site at which your study abroad program is located. You must complete a Travel Registration at TravelRegistry.Fordham.edu as well as follow the on-site procedures in place at your study abroad location each time you leave your host city. Fordham University permits independent travel to countries with a US State Department Travel Advisory Level 1 and 2 only.

    Fordham University typically does not permit study abroad students to travel independently to countries with a US State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 and above. Requests to do so will be reviewed by Fordham University and may not be approved.

  • Students must secure transcripts required by the study abroad program(s) they apply to and, upon completing their term abroad, request that an official transcript be sent to the Director of Study Abroad at Fordham. All participants are expected to complete a Program Evaluation Form in the Study Abroad Portal shortly after their return. Please note that the study abroad transcript will not be evaluated nor the credits posted until this form is completed.

  • Fordham in London, Fordham in Granada, Exchange, and Partner Programs' tuition is the same as traditional undergraduate per-term Fordham tuition in NY. Given the student's continuing eligibility, all Fordham financial aid will be portable for approved study abroad programs except room-specific aid, work-study, and Metro Grants. For all study abroad programs, as long as all eligibility requirements are met, students eligible for a Pell Grant, a New York State TAP grant or student loans can apply this aid toward their study abroad charges. Tuition Remission, Tuition Exchange, and FACHEX can be applied to the cost for Fordham in London, Fordham in Granada, and Exchange Programs only. Additional fees that cover the cost of housing, insurance, orientation, co-curricular activities, etc. will be also be charged. Additional fees such as the Study Abroad Fee, Technology Fee, General Fee, and Insurance Fee will be charged.

  • Financial holds preclude all registration activity, including acceptance into the study abroad programs.

    Fordham’s Online listing of Approved Study Abroad Programs is extensive. ISAP will not process applications to programs offered by universities and organizations with which Fordham does not have affiliation agreements.

    These are current study abroad guidelines and policies. Fordham University reserves the right to withdraw or modify any of these, and/or to cancel a program or modify a program's itinerary to ensure its successful operation.