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MSGF Curriculum

GSB MSGF Curriculum

An intensive curriculum, with flexibility built in.

The Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF) is designed for students who want to specialize in finance.

Located in the heart of New York City, the program provides many opportunities to interact with and learn from industry practitioners and world-class professors. Class sizes are small to facilitate effective instructor-student interactions.

The intensive curriculum is based on corporate finance and investment courses complemented by relevant electives such as Financial Modeling and Programming Language (R/Python), Machine Learning in Finance, and Data Mining and Economic Data. It can be completed in as little as one calendar year through a fast-paced schedule of three consecutive semesters (fall, spring, and summer). For students who want to spend a longer time in the program, to accommodate internships or other work experiences, there’s an option to extend the duration to 18 months (fall, spring, and fall).

The degree requires 36 credits, or 12 courses, which cover the core financial knowledge and skills required for financial analytics, corporate finance, asset management, and risk management.

As a STEM-approved program, the MSGF program offers international students the ability to work for a longer period without immediate need of sponsorship.



We’ll take a look at your background and decide if you would benefit from some foundational coursework before pursuing the MSGF. Some students may be asked to take the online or on-site intensive courses below during the summer prior to the start of the program. Students whose on-site examination results do not meet the minimum standards will be required to take relevant foundation course(s) in the fall term and to postpone core courses to the spring term.

  • GFGB 6002 Basics of Finance
  • GFGB 6003 Managerial Economics
  • GFGB 6011 Basics of Accounting
  • GFGB 6012 Basics of Statistics

Core courses (most of which can be taken during Semester 1)

(Minimum of four courses, or 12 credits)

  • GF 6006 International Financial Management
  • GF 6007 Global Investment Principles
  • GF 6010 Global Financial Markets

Computational requirements (choose one from each group)

  • GF 6005 Financial Modeling or
  • GF Financial Modeling with VBA (Course code TBD)


  • GF 6008 Financial Econometrics or
  • GF Financial Econometrics using R (Course code TBD)

International students must also take one of the following business communication courses (1.5 credits):

  • GF 8005 Communication in Finance A
  • GF 8006 Communication in Finance B

Note: Course instructors and program directors may require an additional semester of business communication coursework for students in need of further development based on first-semester course grades and end-of-term language evaluations. A second term of business communication is generally in the student's best interest.


Semester 2

(Minimum of four courses, or 12 credits)

You may choose any four of the following elective courses, selecting from the Financial Analytics Track, Corporate Finance Track, Investment Management Track, or Compliance and Risk Management Track. Students also may need to complete an additional 1.5 credits of business communication.

Students may choose to specialize in one or two career tracks (concentration areas).

FinTech Track:

  • GF 7024 Fintech Compliance: Asia to US
  • GF 7027 Algorithmic Trading
  • GF 7039 Computational Finance for MSGF using R
  • GF 7050 Machine Learning for Finance
  • GF 7051 Econ and Data Mining
  • GF 8011 Blockchain
  • GF 8012 Digital Currencies
  • GF 8016 Disruption in Financial Services
  • GF 8017 Fintech Lending and Payments
  • GF 7055 MSGF Research Seminar
  • GF Risk Management with R (Course code TBD)

Corporate Finance Track:

  • GF 7005 Global Corporate Governance
  • GF 7007 Capital-Raising and Investing in Global Markets
  • GF 7008 Advanced Corporate Finance
  • GF 7009 Money, Credit, and Interest Rates
  • GF 7010 Investment Banking
  • GF 7034 Financial Statement Analysis
  • GF 7055 MSGF Research Seminar

 Investment Management Track:

  • GF 7002 Contemporary Issues in Global Finance
  • GF 7004 Global Portfolio Management
  • GF 7006 Global Risk Management
  • GF 7011 Hedge Funds
  • GF 7012 Alternative Investments
  • GF 7013 Global Fixed-Income Investments
  • GF 7014 Futures and Options
  • GF 7021 Emerging Markets
  • GF 7051 Econ and Data Mining
  • GF 7055 MSGF Research Seminar

Compliance and Risk Management Track:

  • FN 8499 Risk Management
  • GF 7002 Contemporary Issues in Global Finance
  • GF 7005 Global Corporate Governance
  • GF 7006 Global Risk ManagementGF 7024 Global Corporate Compliance
  • GF 7039 Computational Finance for MSGF
  • GF 7051 Econ and Data Mining
  • GF 7055 MSGF Research Seminar


Semester 3

(six credits)

You can choose to complete your MSGF degree either in Semester 3A (summer) or Semester 3B (the following fall semester).

Students are encouraged to seek internships in their specific areas of interest. This may qualify for the 3-credit Internship/Research Report course.


For full course listings and descriptions, visit the academic bulletin