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MSSD Curriculum

Design your own degree.

Are you enticed by the fact that statistics experts are getting hired everywhere, but you feel that your true calling lies in biomedical research? Do you have a knack for numbers but a devotion to public policy?

These unique combinations find a home in the Gabelli School’s Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Decision-Making (MSSD) program. The curriculum is general enough to offer a solid foundation in data science and flexible enough to marry it to the specific area that interests a student most—whether it’s a business discipline or not.

This works in your favor in ways you might not even realize: Companies are looking for candidates who demonstrate a clear passion for their chosen field.

Fordham MSSD students can choose between a one-year, full-time program, or a part-time, two-year option that accommodates work schedules or internships.


MSSD students need basic knowledge of statistics and calculus when they start the program. If you don’t have that, we can help. Students who need prerequisites can take them at the Gabelli School prior to beginning the MSSD coursework.

The schedule below illustrates how the MSSD is structured for a full-time student who aims to complete the degree in one year. Part-time students work with our program director and academic advisor to stretch the MSSD over a longer time frame that makes sense for their professional schedules.

Fall term
(five courses, 15 credits)

  • SD 7844 Statistical Methods and Computation I
  • SD 7841 Statistical Theory I
  • SD 7843 Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Electives

Spring term
(five courses, 15 credits)

  • SD 7840 Applied Regression Analysis
  • SD 7841 Statistical Theory II
  • Electives


  • CISC 5300 Computer Programming C++
  • CICS 5350 Financial Programming
  • CISC 6930 Data Mining
  • CISC 6950 Algorithms and Data Analysis
  • DG 7850 Time Series and Forecasting Models
  • ECON 6020 Macroeconomics
  • ECON 6950 Financial Econometrics
  • FN 749A Special Topics: Financial Modeling
  • IS 7975 Business Analytics for Managers
  • IS 7967 Data Mining for Business
  • DG 7891 Special Topics: Bayesian Statistics
  • DG 7892 Special Topics: Design of Statistical Studies
  • DG 7893 Special Topics: Statistical Methods and Computation II
  • DG 7894 Special Topics: Stochastic Processes
  • DG 7895 Special Topics: Sampling Theory and Survey Design
  • MG 7605 Statistical Process Control
  • MK 779I Special Topics: Data-Driven Marketing Decision-Making
  • MK 8701 Marketing Analytics
  • PS 6215 Quantitative Methods in Decision-Making
  • PS 7210 Design of Experiments
  • PSYC 7965 Experimental Design
  • PS 7213 Multivariate Statistics
  • PSYC 7835 Categorical Data Analysis
  • PSYC 7820 Nonparametric Statistics
  • QF 8925 Simulation Applications
  • QF 8935 Credit Risk Management
  • QF 8935 Risk Management
  • DG 7896 Qualitative Decision-Making

For full course listings and descriptions, visit the academic bulletin