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Letter of Support Sample

Z. George Hong, Ph.D. 

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Fordham University 441 East Fordham Road 

Bronx, NY 10458 Friday 




Dear Dr. Hong, 


This letter is to confirm my enthusiastic support for Prof. __________x_________ application for the Fordham-_____x_____ Research Fellow Program. I understand that this program is designed to promote and expand research collaborations between our two universities. _____________ and I intend to collaborate on a research project __________________________________ during the summer of _____. Prof. _________x________ has been a colleague for several years and he was part of a joint _______________ application that we submitted in_______.


This fellowship program will enable us to develop our shared interest in __________________________, and I am thrilled that he has applied for it. As part of his Fordham-_____________Research Fellow Program, ______________ will have access to _______________________ equipment that we house here in the ___________________________ department. In addition, he will also have space in my research lab to undertake ____________________________.