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Fordham in London: London Internship Program

Location: London, United Kingdom

“This experience has made me more knowledgeable of the world and what goes on outside the USA. I've become much more familiar with European politics and issues.”
— Gabriela Walker, Spring 2017

Students in the London Internship program take 15-18 credits at the London Centre chosen from courses offered in the Liberal Arts or Gabelli School of Business programs. Interns work at their internship sites for 2 full days per week. Placements are available in Advertising, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Business, Film, Radio, Television, International Relations, Journalism, Politics, Pre-Law, Psychology, Health Science, Public Relations, and Theatre.

This program is open to Juniors with a GPA of 3.3 and above only.

Due to a limited number of visa sponsor licenses available, we strongly recommend applying to enroll in the internship program during the Summer or Fall terms.

*Spring 2021 Modification- For students who had planned to study abroad in the Spring 2021 term, but will now complete their internship placements virtually, a reduced $1,500 placement fee will be charged to your student account. You can select any combination of courses from those offered virtually by Fordham's London Centre and those offered at Fordham University in NY. You will be registered in a one-credit internship seminar.

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Program Details

London River Study Abroad





Fordham’s London Centre is located in the Borough of Camden in Central London, in a neighborhood called Clerkenwell.

The United Kingdom—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland—is a diverse place full of contrasts, featuring a wide range of landscapes and cultures. London, the largest city in Europe, is a bustling cosmopolitan center of astonishing variety and interest that a visitor could explore for months without turning over every stone. The other regions of the U.K. are fascinating for their own reasons, each with a unique personality and history.

While based at Fordham’s London Centre, students may choose to venture from Cornwall in the far west to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in the north. Cities such as Edinburgh, York, Durham, Chester, and Canterbury are reachable by an excellent rail network, as are areas of great natural beauty, such as the Lake District, the New Forest, and North Wales. And it’s only a quick trip to the Republic of Ireland or France, Spain, and Italy in continental Europe.


Students in this program take 15-18 credits at the London Centre chosen from liberal arts and business courses and will be registered for a one-credit internship seminar. Interns will be expected to work at their internship sites for 2 full days per week.

This program is open to Juniors with a GPA of 3.3 and above only.

View a list of courses with descriptions and syllabi.

Required Course

ISAP 4800: Internship Seminar (1 Credit)

Internship Placements

Students accepted to the program are guaranteed an internship placement after comprehensive advising with our placement agency. Most internship placements are in small to medium-sized companies. Positions are unpaid and available in the following fields:

Advertising & Marketing
Intern in advertising agencies or the marketing departments of London companies. Previous internships have included Brand Links, M2M, Park Village Productions, Elizabeth Arden, Allegra Foundation, QS, HMS16, Sparesnacks, Dreamore. LTD, UCL Partners, Lime Communication Ltd, DeFacto Communications Ltd, Simon and Schuster, Epicurean Life, Att Pynta, Quintessentially Travel Group and EMAP.

Economics & Finance
Intern in accounting, corporate finance, financial recruitment, financial communication, financial marketing, financial publications, investment firms or economic research. Previous Internships have included Europe Economics, Capital Markets Daily, Grayling, Overseas Development Institute, LDFM, Splendid Hospitality Group-Bankside, Inverewe Capital London Limited and Maurice J Bushells Accountants.

Intern in entrepreneurship/starts up, business operations, or personnel departments. Previous internships have included Accelerator, Omerta Group, Citco, BE Group, Thriev, Talent Capital, Commuter Club, Comcast, Allegra Group and The Connaught Hotel.

Film, Radio & Television
Intern for a radio, tv or film production company. The UK media market is small by American standards, previous internships have included Catsnake, Sky Movies, C Music Entertainment, Pilot Productions, Feelgood Fiction, Keo Films and Field Day, Hub TV, Transparent Television, WORLDwrite and The Producers.

Hospitality & Tourism
Students intern in the international hospitality industries of London. Previous internships have included the Ritz, Better Bankside, Marylebone Hotel Group, Bumpkin Group, Bloomsbury Hotel and EMC3.

International Relations
Previous internships have included MENCAP, IHS/Janes, Overseas Development institute, NACUE and Westminster Briefing.

Intern at a media, magazine, publishing house, or online publication. Previous internship have included Junior Magazine, Columbus Travel Media, Big Cheese, Simon & Schuster, Cultureshock Media, Spindle Magazine and Quintessentially Publishing.

Intern in a political setting, including Parliament and party organizations. Previous internships have included various Members of Parliament, the Conservative Party Headquarters, the Labour Party Headquarters, various political party local offices, Dods, Mitcham and Morden Labour/Siobhain McDonagh MP, Operation Black Vote, HIS and Government Knowledge.

Intern in a British law firm. Previous Internships have included JD Spicer Zeb, Bark & Co, Powell Spencer & Partners Solicitors, McCue & Partners, Julian Young & Co, Raymond Saul Solicitors, Jamieson Alexander and O’Keeffe Solicitors.

Psychology & Health Sciences
Intern in hospital administration, education programs, health centre administration, university research departments, community care centres or social activist organizations. Previous Internships have included Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Schools, Goldsmiths University, MIND, Standing Together, Coombe Wood Unit and UCL Partners.

Public Relations
Intern in PR agencies or the PR departments of London companies. Previous internship placements have included Crabtree & Evelyn, LD Publicity, Bell Pottinger PR, Marks & Spencers, BrandNation, AIDF, Iroquois Public Relations and APCO.

Theatre Studies
Students have the unique opportunity to combine coursework with hands-on experience in a full-time internship in the visual and performing arts. Previous internships have included PW Productions, the Ambassadors Theatre Group, AKA, Only Connect, Southwark Playhouse, Chicken Shed Theater Company and Tabard Theatre.

Intern with a Fordham Alumnus

Internship placements are available with Fordham alumni living and working in London. Be sure to mention during your placement interview after being accepted to the program you are interested in working alongside one of our international alumni. Sample placements include:

Index on Censorship

Index is a nonprofit that campaigns for and defends free expression worldwide. Index publishes work by censored writers and artists, promotes debate, and monitors threats to free speech. The organization believes that everyone should be free to express themselves without fear of harm or persecution – no matter what their views.

Editorial Intern Position: Editorial interns assist the web team at Index and are expected to create content (written and multimedia) for the Index website through reporting and interviews. Students will also be tasked with research projects on various areas of freedom of expression related to an Index campaign. Interns will be required to pitch articles, assist with proofreading, editing and other administrative tasks, as required. 

Sean Gallagher, FCLC'93, Head of Content



Students are housed in shared student residences in residential areas in Zone 1 or 2, both of which offer a commute by public transport to classes at the London Centre and your chosen host university. The residences have self-catering facilities with a shared lounge. All of our housing is centrally located within London, in areas with shops and transportation and within reach of city attractions. Read more about living in London here.

Student Services

The London experience begins with a comprehensive orientation that acquaints students with health, housing, travel, academic, and safety information. Program costs typically include co-curricular activities in and around the city of London and one long weekend visit to another European country.


The Fall semester runs from approximately the end of August through mid-December, and the Spring semester runs from approximately the beginning of January through the beginning of May.


Spring 2020 Dates:

January 2 – Centre Opens

January 8 – Students arrive in London (move into housing)

January 9 & 10 – Orientation

January 13 – Classes begin

January 20 – City, UW teaching starts, internships begin 

March 16 – 20 GSB & Lib Arts mid-term break

April 10 – Good Friday Centre Closed

April 13 – Bank Holiday Centre Closed

April 6-9 – City assessment week

April 24 - Internships End

April 27 – May 1 GSB & Lib Arts final week

May 2 – GSB & Lib Arts students depart housing (except UW students)

May 8 – Bank Holiday Centre Closed

April 27-May 15 – UW exam period


Tentative Fall 2020 Dates:

August 26 – Students arrive in London (move into housing)

August 27 & 28 – Orientation

August 31 – Bank Holiday Centre Closed

September 1 – Classes begin

September 7 – City, UW, QMU teaching starts, internships begin 

October 19-23  – Mid-term break

December 4 – Internships end

December 7-11 – Final Exam Week 

Date TBD – City, UW, QMU teaching ends

December 12 – Students depart housing

December 21-January 3 – Centre Closed