Fordham in London: Summer

At the heart of Fordham's study abroad programs is the idea of the world as the classroom. Small and informal class settings let students explore subjects from a new perspective and in a unique setting.  Students engage with the city of London inside and outside of the classroom. Situated in the vibrant Clerkenwell district in the Borough of Camden, Fordham London will serve as your home-base while studying abroad in London.

"One of the things I valued the most about studying abroad in London was the incredible cultural experience. Every day there was a new opportunity for me to explore historical landmarks, visit world-class museums, and interact with people from all walks of life. The overall experience made me more open-minded and appreciative of global diversity. "     - Jaden Ovalle, Summer 2023

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Program Details

Students stand on bridge in Clerkenwell
Students Overlook Cliffs in Europe
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  • Fordham London is located in the Borough of Camden in Central London, in a neighborhood called Clerkenwell.

    The United Kingdom—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland—is a diverse place full of contrasts, featuring a wide range of landscapes and cultures. London, the largest city in Europe, is a bustling cosmopolitan center of astonishing variety and interest that a visitor could explore for months without turning over every stone. The other regions of the U.K. are fascinating for their own reasons, each with a unique personality and history.

  • Students enrolled in the Fordham London Summer program may select one course per session. Students will select courses from the following list:

    Session 1

    ARHI 3480: Art and Architecture in London (Session I)- 4 Credits

    This course is an Art History and Music and International Studies Major or Minor Course and satisfies the Fine Arts Core requirement at Fordham University.

    FITV 3534: Fashion in British Film and TV (Session I)- 4 Credits

    This course is a Film and TV, American Studies, and Communication and Culture, and Fashion Studies Major or Minor Course at Fordham University.

    THEO 3610: Christ in World Cultures (Session I)- 3 Credits

    This course is a Theology, American Catholic Studies, International Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, and Religious Studies Major or Minor Course and satisfies the Global and Sacred Texts and Traditions Core Requirements.


    Session 2

    ARHI 2527: London Monuments: Power, Protest, and Public Space (Session II)- 4 Credits

    This course is an Art History and Music Major or Minor course and satisfies the Global Core Requirement at Fordham University.

    ENGL 2000: Texts and Contexts (British Writers) (Session II)- 3 Credits

    This course satisfies the EP2 (Texts and Contexts) Core Requirement at Fordham University.

    POSC 2102: Introduction to Urban Politics (Session II)- 4 Credits

    This course is a Political Science, American Studies, and Urban Studies Major or Minor course and satisfies the Pluralism core requirement at Fordham University.

    MVST 3502: The Clerkenwell Tales (Session II)- 4 Credits

    This course is a Medieval Studies, English, and History Major or Minor course and satisfies the Advanced Literature Core at Fordham University.

    A list of course descriptions can be found on our courses page. Dates for each summer session are noted on this page under the "Dates" tab.


  • Fordham London offers the opportunity to enroll in for-credit internships in partnership with local companies and organizations in a Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Students intern concurrently while taking classes, and are enrolled in a required internship seminar. Internships are available in a variety of fields including fashion, consulting, non-profit management, environmental consulting, law, and politics. Students also have the opportunity to source their own internships, subject to approval by Fordham London. 

    Internships offered through the summer session will run concurrently through both Sessions I and II. Please note that students need a 3.3 GPA to be eligible.

    For inquiries regarding internships, please contact

  • You will live in housing that is centrally located within London, in areas with shops and transportation and within reach of city attractions.  Fordham University will bill participants a Program Fee that will cover the cost of housing during the program.

    Students are housed in shared student residences in residential areas in Zone 1 or 2, both of which offer a commute by public transport to classes at the London Centre and your chosen host university. The residences have self-catering facilities with a shared lounge. All of our housing is centrally located within London, in areas with shops and transportation and within reach of city attractions.

    Find out more about living in London here!

  • Please visit our costs and funding page for more information. 


  • Summer 2024 Dates:

    Session I: 

    May 28: Arrival 

    May 29: Orientation 

    May 30: London Exploration

    May 31- June 1: Residential Trip 

    June 3: Classes begin 

    June 24 - 28: Finals week 

    June 29: Departure 


    Session II:

    July 2: Arrival 

    July 3: Orientation 

    July 4: London Exploration

    July 5-6: Residential Trip 

    July 8: Classes begin 

    July 29 - August 2: Finals week 

    August 3: Departure