Global Internships

Students sit together on steps in Granada Spain

Fordham offers a variety of international internship programs for a semester or summer session, along with virtual opportunities.

Program options include the following:

Fordham in Granada Internship Opportunities

Fordham in Granada ofers the opportunity to enroll in for-credit internships administered by the University of Granada in partnership with local companies and organizations in a Fall or Spring semester. Students interested in pursuing careers in business, education, health services and social service are particularly encouraged to apply. Internships require the completion of 40 hours of supervised work, two hours of seminar instruction and participation during class. Internships are available at all levels of Spanish proficiency. Internships are available in the fields of Education, Non-Profit Administration, and Teaching.

Fordham Partner Program Internships

A number of Fordham's Partner and Exchange study abroad programs offer internships. In some of the programs, you will intern concurrently while taking classes, and in others the international experience is structured around the internship enabling you to focus a period of time on your placement.