Fordham London Programs

Hiring International Students

Fordham in London offers study abroad programming in Business and the Liberal Arts. Academic internships are also available and the ability to enroll in courses at University of Westminster, City University, and Queen Mary University of London.

The courses at Fordham in London are designed to make as much use as possible of London’s unique resources and opportunities, integrating them whenever possible into the curriculum, be it through field trips or guest speakers. A broad range of liberal arts and business courses is offered each semester, ranging from introductory courses in art history, politics and sociology to more specialized courses in finance, media or accounting.

We are here to provide you with an inclusive learning environment and additional support to help you thrive. We are not only committed to the Fordham tradition of excellence, but also to offering new learning experiences in the classroom and around the city.

Our Programs 

London Liberal Arts
This program offers students the opportunity to take courses at Fordham London as well as one module (course) offered at Queen Mary, University of London (Fall Only), City University, or University of Westminster.

Fordham students who will be second semester sophomores during the term in which they will be abroad, and who otherwise meet the requirements, may apply to study in the Sophomore Liberal Arts Program. Second semester sophomores are only eligible to take courses at Fordham London.
Gabelli School of Business in London
Few locations in Europe rival London as a place to study world business. The Gabelli School allows you to complete your Fordham coursework in this European commercial center. Students may visit the headquarters of Jaguar and Barclays Bank, learn from prominent business people and alumni, or undertake a global study of social entrepreneurship.
Summer Programs
During the summer months (June-July), students have the chance to engage with the city of London in intimate and exciting ways. Although the programs are only a few weeks long, participants will explore topics using London as their classroom. Programs in liberal arts and business are available.
Master of Science in Applied Health Informatics
Learn how to design, develop and apply information systems in healthcare to deliver better patient outcomes and control costs.