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SSC Navigate

SSC Navigate supports student success at Fordham University. It gives students and advisors access to services such as appointment scheduling (including 2-way calendar integration for faculty/staff), proactive appointment-based outreach, event check-in, tracking of student interactions, reporting, and analytics.

Academic Advising Programs Using SSC Navigate

SSC Navigate is being released in phases. In addition to the academic advising programs listed above, some departments are using it to schedule tutoring appointments. More features will be released later this year.

Students and Advisors can access SSC Navigate through the My Apps page in the portal. Select 'Log in to the Portal' at the top, and authenticate with your Fordham credentials. Once logged in, go to the My Apps page and select the SSC Navigate application. If you do not see SSC Navigate on your My Apps page, you may not have been granted access. 

How to Use SSC Navigate


FCRH, FCLC, and GSB Students can use SSC Navigate to send messages to and schedule an appointment with their advisor, and view their schedule and upcoming appointments.

Access Navigate from the My Apps page on or go to SSC Navigate

For additional help within Navigate, click the “?” at the upper right-hand corner.


FCRH, FCLC, and GSB academic advisors and deans use SSC Navigate to manage and report on advising appointments with their students. SSC Navigate can also be used to report student progress and provide early alerts.

Advisors can access Navigate via the My Apps page at or go to SSC Navigate


Training Videos

For additional help within Navigate, click the “?” at the upper right-hand corner.