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CMS Faculty and Staff

Members of the Communication and Media Studies department teach, research, and publish in virtually every field of Media Studies. Staff are available to also support student needs and you can find contact for all CMS personnel here.


Amy Aronson
Professor and Chair
Martino 701
Ph.D., Columbia University
Areas of Interest: Media Studies, Magazines, Feminity, Masculinity

Jesse Baldwin-Philippi
Associate Professor
FMH 434
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Areas of Interest: Civic Participation, Citizenship, Social Media

Heidi C. Bordogna
Areas of Interest: Film/TV Production, Screenwriting, Media Theory

Garrett Broad
Associate Chair Rose Hill, Associate Professor
FMH 432
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Areas of Interest: Food Justice, Sustainability, Animal Rights

Christopher Brandt
MFA, Sarah Lawrence College
Areas of Interest: Poetry, Theatre, Political history

Eli Bromberg
Ph.D. English, UMass Amherst
Areas of Interest: Jewish American popular culture, sexual antisemitism, media studies

Hopeton Campbell
Director of Walsh Media Lab
FMH 317
M.A., Fordham University

Jennifer Clark
Assistant Professor
Martino 710
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Areas of Interest: Feminist Television Studies, Celebrity Cultures, and Film and Television Production Studies

Cornelia Connors
Areas of Interest: Communications and Public relations

Turner Cowles
MS Journalism, Columbia University
Area of Interest: Video production, journalism, reporting

Gregory Donovan
NMDD Program Director, Associate Professor
Martino 704
Ph.D., City University of New York
Areas of Interest: Digital Geography, Social Justice, Participatory Research and Design


Ashar Foley
Areas of Interest: Films/TV, Media Theory, COmmunication

David Hawkins
Areas of Interest: Journalism, New Media, Ethics

Arthur Hayes
Associate Professor
FMH 437
J.D., Quinnipiac University
Areas of Interest: Press Criticism and Media Ethics/Law; First Amendment

Matthew Hockenberry
Assistant Professor
FMH 430
PhD in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University
Areas of Interest: Media History, Media Industries, Logistics, Infrastructure, and Mobile Media

James Jennewein
Areas of Interest: Films and TV, Screenwriting, TV Drama

Ashley Jones
Ph.D Candidate, MA, MS.
Areas of Interest: Gaming studies, digital cultures, feminist theory, queer theory

Diana Kamin
Advanced Lecturer
PhD, Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University
Areas of Interest: Ethics and policy, visual culture, knowledge production and the public sphere

Mathias Klang
Associate Professor
FMH 438
Ph.D., University of Göteborg (Sweden)
Areas of Interest: Digital Activism, Privacy & Surveillance, Digital Rights

Beth Knobel
PMMA Graduate Director, Associate Professor
FMH 436A
Ph.D., MPP, Harvard University
Areas of Interest: Journalism, Watchdog Journalism, TV Production

Catherine Katsafouros
Personal Website
Artist in Residence
FMH 300
MFA in Studio Art, Stony Brook University

Olga Kopenkina
M.A., Bard College
Areas of Interest: Feminist and queer studies and sociopolitical activist practice in art


Dee LaDuke
Areas of Interest: Sitcom writing, TV, production, writing

Nick Leshi
M.A. Public Communication, Fordham University
Areas of Interest: Public relations, crisis communication, media relations

Paul Levinson
FMH 453
Ph.D., New York University
Areas of Interest: Politics in Media, Popular Culture, Media Ethics

Brandy Monk-Payton
Assistant Professor
FMH 435
Ph.D., Brown University
Areas of Interest: Black Film and Media Cultures, Television Studies, Celebrity

Jennifer Moorman
Assistant Professor
FMH 451
Areas of Interest: Gender, Sexuality, Queer Theory, Film/TV

Sharif Mowlabocus
Associate Chair Lincoln Center, Associate Professor
Martino 717
Ph.D., University of Sussex
Areas of Interest: Sexuality and Media Studies, Identity

Meenasarani Murugan
Assistant Professor
Martino 711
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Areas of Interest: Gender, Popular Music, Fashion

Michelle O'Dwyer
Administrator, PMMA, McGannon
FMH 430

Michele Prettyman
Assistant Professor
FMH 430
MA and PhD from Georgia State University
Areas of Interest: Race and Visual Aesthetics, Narrative, Black Cinema

Claudia Rivera
Senior Executive Secretary
Martino 702

Margaret Schwartz
Associate Professor
Martino 703
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Areas of Interest: Feminism, Embodiment, Communication Ethics.

Henry Sheinkopf
Areas of Interest: Religion and politics, PR, media exposure

James Shearer
Areas of Interest: Broadcast media, producer, content creation

Lance Strate
FMH 434a
Ph.D., New York University
Areas of Interest: Media Ecology, Tech., Popular Culture

Marie Trombetta
Senior Secretary
FMH 430

Ralph Vacca
Assistant Professor
Martino 716
Ph.D., New York University
Areas of Interest: Mental Health, Data Literacy, Participatory Design

Kara Van Cleaf
704 Martino Hall
PhD in Sociology from The Graduate Center of the CIty University of New York
Areas of Interest: Motherhood, Fashion, Feminism

Chris Vicari
Educational Technologist
Martino 709
Areas of Interest: Games for change, digital narrative, educational technology

Gerry Wagschal
JD Fordham Law
Areas of Interest: Production, journalism, reporting

Tim Wood
Assistant Professor
FMH 452
Ph.D., New York University
Areas of Interest: Promotional Culture, Corporate Political Advocacy

Qun Wang
Assistant Professor
FMH 454
PhD in Communication, Information, and Media, Rutgers University
Areas of Interest: Journalism, Global Media, Technology