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Our Faculty

Babette Babich, Ph.D., Boston College
After studying biology, Babich turned to philosophy, writing her dissertation in Germany and Belgium. A professor of philosophy at Fordham, she has also taught in Milwaukee, San Diego, the German city of Tübingen, and Washington, D.C. Babich is the author of The Hallelujah Effect: Philosophical Reflections on Music, Performance Practice, and Technology; Words in Blood, Like Flowers; and Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Science. She is a contributing editor of several book collections on continental philosophy of science, aesthetics, and critical theory, and serves as executive editor of the journal New Nietzsche Studies.

Juliana Gilheany, Ph.D., New York University
Gilheany has been with College at 60 for more than 15 years. Her areas of specialization in American studies include foreign relations, Supreme Court cases, women’s history, and the Civil War. She has taught in other colleges of Fordham as well as Manhattan College and New York University.

Nina Goss, Ph.D., University of Washington
In addition to more than 20 years of teaching courses in writing and literature, Goss is the editor of Montague Street, a print journal, as well as co-editor of and contributor to a book of essays, Dylan at Play, from Cambridge Scholars Press. Her most recent publication is a volume of essays she has co-edited and contributed to, Tearing the World Apart: Bob Dylan and the Twenty-First Century.

Richard Hresko, M.S., NYU; M.A., Fordham University
Currently an adjunct lecturer at both Fordham University and City University of New York, Hresko has been teaching university courses since 1980, including classes in economics, statistics, general and organic chemistry, and history from antiquity through the 20th century. His academic interests throughout his career have ranged from computer modeling of proteins in aqueous solutions to why medieval England imported iron, and he is currently working on the technology and economics of medieval arms and armor.

Sharon Suchma, Ph.D., City University of New York
An alumna of Fordham’s Medieval Studies program, Suchma earned her doctorate on the photography of 1930s America. In addition to teaching at Fordham, she has taught courses on modern art and the history of photography in a number of colleges, including Pratt, Parsons, the New School for Design, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Brooklyn College. She has also done curatorial work for shows that focus on the history of abstract art in New York City.

Jess Velona, J.D., Columbia Law School, M.A., New York University
A former law clerk to then-judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Velona has practiced law for 30 years, most recently with the Securities and Exchange Commission. His current teaching includes a litigation course at Columbia Law School, an undergraduate course on African American history at the College of Staten Island, and courses in European and American history at Fordham, New York University’s School of Professional Studies, and other adult education programs. Velona has published on the intersection of law and politics, both in legal journals and in a contribution to a recent historical volume, Law and Revolution in Seventeenth-Century Ireland.