Students may apply for admission for either the fall or spring terms. When admitted, they will be invited to an orientation program for new students and will be assisted in their selection of classes. Here are the steps you can take to learn more about our college and begin taking classes!

Information Sessions and Individual Appointments 

If you would like to learn more about PCS, please attend one of our Information Sessions or CONTACT US for an individual appointment.

914-367-3302 Westchester Campus Appointment
718-817-2600 Rose Hill Campus Appointment
212-636-7333 Lincoln Center Campus Appointment

Information Session schedule (Undergraduate Admissions)

Information Session schedule (Post Baccalaureate Pre-Med/Pre-Health Admissions)

Personal Interview

The Admission Interview is a required element of the admission process.

This interview is an opportunity to discuss your background and educational goals, and to learn how Fordham's undergraduate evening degree programs can help you meet your objectives.

Admission officers can also respond to questions related to transfer credits and opportunities for financial assistance. 

Preferred Application and Scholarship Deadlines

Fall: June 1
Spring: December 1

Please note these dates are the preferred deadlines and we will accept applications on a rolling basis.  After these dates have passed, we will continue to accept applications as space permits.

Online Application:
Begin a new on-line application or to update your existing application.

Admission Application Review and Selection

All applicants must submit the application for admission, personal statement and a $50 application fee made payable to Fordham University. 

Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies is an institution of higher education who admits as regular students only persons who have, at the minimum, a high school diploma or GED.  All applicants must submit documentation of the highest educational level at which they studied.

The admission committee evaluates each application individually. An effort is made to assess ability, previous achievement, motivation and maturity of purpose - all of which are essential to success in collegiate studies. 

* Applicants who are unable to provide documentation in a timely manner may be admitted conditionally for their first term of study.

The College Skills Assessment

A brief college skills assessment is part of the admission process, and is intended to insure that students have the skills requisite to success in a challenging university program. The assessment often identifies academic areas in need of improvement, and some candidates are admitted on the condition that they attend to them early in their Fordham careers.

Applicants must schedule an appointment to take the College Skills Assessment. Appointments are offered several times each week throughout the fall, spring and summer. 

This two part assessment consists of a standardized reading comprehension test and a brief writing sample. Total assessment time is approximately ninety minutes.

Special Student Admission

Individuals who do not intend to pursue a degree can be admitted as special, non-degree students in order to enable them to attend the specific courses of their choice, or to complete the courses required for one of several certificate programs which the College offers. So, too, individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree can be admitted for specific courses, certificate programs, or the post-baccalaureate pre-medical program.

Students who are pursuing these courses need to submit the following:

  • A PCS Application with fee
  • Official college transcript

An admission decision will be issued as soon as possible after the review of submitted materials, the skills assessment, and the interview.