Logo Design for Environmental Impact Initiative


In the Fall 2022 semester, Fordham undergraduates in the Logos Branding Art course taught by Professor Abby Goldstein, engaged in research and development of a logo that would be used on materials for Fordham University’s Laudato Si’ Green Plan.

During the semester, Dr. Julie Gafney shared the vision of Laudato Si’ and charged the class with creating a logo that would brand the Action Plan.  To approach the project, students researched the Laudato Si’ initiative and compiled notes, which were discussed in groups. Students worked individually to generate ideas using visual collaboration software. The students also outlined words that inspired and supported their ideas and researched other branding presentations for reference.  

Project Status 

Completed as of December 2022


Prof. Abby Goldstein (Art)

Project Deliverable  

Logo Branding Class Submissions

 Finalists: Amanpreet Kaur, Bryson Kernan Clark, Jasmine Smalling

3 Best Laudato Si Logos

Final Logo Choice: Bryson Clark, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Class of 2023

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