Justice For Returning Citizens: Examining The Re-Entry Process


Fordham students in the honors Senior Seminar - Incarceration: History, Literature & Film, taught by professor Anne Hoffman, explored the realities of individuals involved in the justice system, including those leaving incarcerated environments and professionals working in the field. 
Professor Anne Hoffman had previously taught at the Bayview Correctional Facility in Manhattan, and shared: “That was decades ago, and I will never forget it. I have always wanted to go back.” In 2019, she had the opportunity to continue her passion for supporting justice involving individuals and policy around incarceration. Teaching a class with Bedford Hills Correctional inmates and Fordham students together “is a fabulous opportunity.” [Read more here on professor Hoffman’s collaboration and class.]

In Spring 2022, Prof. Ann Hoffman's community engaged learning class offered connections between students and professionals through a conversation. The April 21, 2022 panel, titled "After Incarceration: Exploring the Community Response" was hosted by the honors senior thesis seminar class, and included experts with personal and professional lived experience offering their views on reentry for formerly incarcerated individuals.

The panelists recommended ways to change people’s hearts regarding the issue of mass incarceration in NYC and in the country. They highlighted the power of storytelling, especially when the prison system is thought of abstractly and it is easy to dehumanize members of the carceral system.

The panelists also gave advice on how Fordham University can act in helping formerly incarcerated individuals with reentry, employment, and more. They suggested that Fordham could provide scholarships, assist with securing internships, and provide the means for individuals to visit reentry-specific job fairs. Students can advocate for the educational and employment-related needs of formerly incarcerated individuals by asking the university for specific aid for this population. This may include curricula changes, investments, or changes to how the university operates within the community.

Panelists included:
Ann Jacobs, Executive Director, John Jay College Institute for Justice and Opportunity
Vincent J. Stevenson II, Reentry Programs Supervisor, Community Partnerships Unit, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Felix Gonzalez, Coordinator, Bronx County Reentry Task Force, The Fortune Society

Debra Mack-Glasgow, Director of Workforce & Re-entry, Bronx Connect
The discussion was moderated by Dr. Julie Gafney, Executive Director of Fordham's Center for Community Engaged Learning.
Community Partners

Fortune Society


Manhattan District Attorney's Office


Professor Anne Hoffman

Project Status
Completed Spring 2022

Reentry Community Panel Discussion

View the working paper completed by the class here and below: