Christine Irbleck, FCLC 2024

MAJOR: Psychology

BIO: Christine Irlbeck is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She is an avid book reader, concert go-er and matcha enthusiast. She is a research assistant for the Social Thinkers’ Lab at Fordham University, intern at the Office of Health Insurance Services for the NYC Department of Public Health, and digital marketing intern for HITLAB. Christine plans to pursue a career in public health and digital health equity after graduation.

PROJECT TITLE: Reconstructing Generational Trauma through Lineage Insight

MENTOR: tyler dennis, Department of English

ABSTRACT: Since my adolescence, I have been left with questions about my personal lineage. My mother, as an adoptee from Illinois’ Catholic Charities, had never searched for her biological mother. As a result, I have often wondered about who my biological grandmother was, and whether her life followed a similar path to mine, my mother’s, and even my adoptive grandmother’s. Further, I ask myself the question: are we all bound by similar life circumstances as a result of genetics, environment, or a mix of the two? To what extent? In my project, I track down my biological grandmother, and interview the women in my family to craft a self-memoir exploring womanhood through the lens of adoption.