ARS Nova Presentation Guidelines

Waterflea Undergraduate Research

Oral Presentation

  • Please plan for your oral presentation to be approximately 5 minutes in length. This will ensure that we have enough time for questions at the end of everyone’s presentations.

  • For your presentation, please summarize the research, stating its thesis, argument, purpose, and method.

  • Set forth the evidence in support or in contradiction of the thesis.

  • Be sure to discuss the larger significance of the research or project. How does your project intersect with other work being done in this area?

  • Your oral presentation should include slides or videos that provide additional information, data, or images from their projects. These slides and videos will then be made available as part of the FCLC ARS Nova 2021 Digital Showcase. 

Technical Requirements

  • To meet the university’s requirements for ADA accessibility, slide presentations should be saved in Google Slides. Presentations formatted in Prezi or PDF do not meet Fordham’s technical requirements and will not be posted on the Digital Showcase website.

  • Video presentations should be uploaded to YouTube with availability set to “Public.” In addition, all videos must have captioning turned on. Captions should be manually edited in order to ensure accuracy. For further instructions, please click here: Edit or Remove Captions.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your videos and images meet Fordham’s accessibility standards. To learn more, please read Fordham’s guidelines on Accessible Images and Videos.

  • All pictures submitted for the ARS Nova website must follow the university’s Image Guidelines

The Digital Showcase will include a page featuring all of our participants. Please submit a headshot for this page that meets the following criteria:

  • Photos should be only of you, either as an individual photo or cropped to include just you. Photos should be from the waist-up or a headshot and taken in front of an appropriate background. 

  • Please wear professional attire.  

  • No hand-signs, props or masks are allowed.