Using Images

Terminalfour images are formatted using PXL, which is a program that automatically crops and resizes images for the web.

General Content Image Requirements

Images added to the General content type are not processed with PXL, and will need to meet the following guidelines:

  • 500px width minimum (1000px recommended)
  • JPG / WebP format
  • 500 KB file size (1 MB maximum)

The following properties can be found in most image editors to help meet the above image requirements:

  • Save for Web / Export
  • Image Quality (50-75%, or until file size requirements are met)
  • Progressive
  • Select Format (JPG, WebP)

Content Type Aspect Ratios

Screenshot of the aspect ratio section in Pixlr

When selecting images, please ensure the image shape (e.g. square vs. rectangle) is similar to the content type you're uploading to. Otherwise, portions of the image may be cropped out undesirably.

If an image you've uploaded is cropped undesirably by PXL, check which aspect ratios are used by that content type below. To crop an image to a specific aspect ratio, your image editor will contain an area where you may define those properties. 

The following lists contain each content type's respective aspect ratio, followed by the largest acceptable resolution.

Small Image Content Types

Name Aspect Ratio Max Resolution
Featured Item Grid 2:1 1000 x 500
Highlighted Items 1:1 1000 x 1000
News (RSS Option) 2:1 1000 x 500
Program Search* 2:1 1000 x 500
Section Overview with Images 3:2 1000 x 667
Targeted Announcements* 2:1 1000 x 500

Medium Image Content Types

Name Aspect Ratio Max Resolution
Call Out 2:1 1500 x 750
Content Slider 2:1 1500 x 750
Image Slideshow 3:2 1500 x 1000
Images with Text 3:2 1500 x 1000
Video 3:2 1500 x 1000

Large Image Content Types

Name Aspect Ratio Max Resolution
Hero Banner 3:2 2000 x 1333
Image - Full-width 5:1 2000 x 400
Image with Text Block 2:1 2000 x 1000

News Banner for Homepage*

Inner Element Aspect Ratio Max Resolution
Background 3:2 2000 x 1333
Main Story 2:1 2000 x 1000
Side Stories 1:1 400 x 400

*Admins only 

Image Focal Points

Focal Points are the areas of an image that draw the user's attention, or contain a primary subject that is relative to the content in the page. Learn more about Image Variants and Aspect Ratio.

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