Privilege Levels


  • Can view all pages in a branch/area
  • Can edit all pages in a branch/area
  • Can add new pages
  • Can insert images
  • Can Duplicate (copy) content types
  • Can Mirror (one content type on multiple pages) content types

A Moderator can do everything a Contributor can do in addition to:

  • Can approve pages/changes
  • Must approve pages/changes made by Contributors in their area
  • Can reorder the navigation
  • Can add custom links to the navigation
  • Can upload images once granted access to the Media Library group

You can contact the web team at [email protected] for the following changes:

  • Creating friendly URLs
  • Adding downloads/PDFs (best to create a web page or form instead of PDFs)

    Note: All PDFs must go through workflow. They will be reviewed by the web team for ADA compliance and approval.

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